How to activate and use gestures for Android 9 Foot

How to activate and use gestures for Android 9 Foot

One of the new star of Android 9 Foot does not usually come by default enabled when a device is updated to this new version of the operating system, this is due to the drastic change in the navigational interface.

We refer to your new gesture navigation, which removes the button Recent to integrate it in gestures on the redesigned Start button. Here we show you how to activate the navigation by gesture and how they use their new gestures mobile Android One, Pixel or device with the pure interface of Android. In devices with layer of customization can vary, the steps to activate and make gestures.

How to activate the gestures of Android 9 Foot

Gestures Footer

To enable gesture navigation on Android 9 Foot we only need to go to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on the home button and enable this feature.

How to use gestures Android 9 Foot

once you have activated the navigation gestures we can see how the navigation bar has undergone a change in its interface. The Start button has changed shape, the button Recent has disappeared and the Back button is smaller and disappears when we are in the home screen. Now to see the recent apps and the app drawer is there to do these gestures:

Show recent apps


To view the recent applications there is slide your finger upward on the start button, with a small gesture, towards the middle of the screen. There we will see under your new interface to a horizontal list with all open windows.


Open app drawer


To open the application drawer there is perform the same gesture but more long, slide your finger upward on the start button, but until the end of the screen.


From the vista Recent you can also open the app drawer, to do so will only slide up the apps pane below.

we Can open the app drawer from anywhere, from the home screen or from an open application. In the previous applications you always had to return to the home screen to open the app drawer.

Switch to the previous application


Android 7 Nougat introduced a shortcut to switch to the previous application, which was to press twice on the button Recent. It is the equivalent of Alt+Tab of Windows. In the new gesture navigation Android 9 Foot that gesture is done by sliding the home button quickly to the right.

Switching between applications


Another gesture that we find in Android 9 Foot is swipe the home button quickly to the right and without letting go has slip sideways of the screen to view the recent applications. When you release the finger it will open the application that was visible. It is a shortcut to switch applications using only a finger.

Close application


In the new interface of the Latest, to close an application there will be slide your window up, now sliding towards the sides, we explore all of the open applications.

If you want slam shut all open applications so you only have to swipe the list to the left and tap on “Clear all”.

Open application recent


To finish, to open an application recent, we have two ways: we can touch your window with a keystroke, or slide your window down. The last gesture allows us to quickly see a full screen application and then go back to the recent applications if we touch the screen when we do the gesture down and then do the gesture up.

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How to activate and use gestures for Android 9 Foot
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