How to activate incognito mode in Google Maps for Android

How to activate incognito mode in Google Maps for Android

The mode of browsing incognito Google Maps is already here. After weeks of waiting, Google has enabled this new feature of privacy in all the world.

like in Chrome, now we can use Google Maps privately, without a trace in our activity and history Google. Our routes and searches will not be saved in our Google account.

Navigation of incognito

Maps Incognito

To enable the new private mode so we only have to click on the icon for our profile that appears in the search bar and select click on Activate the navigation mode incognito.

The application of Google Maps will be restarted in this new private browsing mode that will you save the search history, navigation, locations, and will display our bookmarks, and notifications. Yes, this does not prevent aplicio

The incognito mode allows us to explore the map, view the tabs and reviews of the sites and use the guided navigation. We won’t be able to do will be reviews, edits, save, sites, or share our location.

This mode is only for use privately Google Maps. Browsing in incognito does not prevent other Google services or third-party applications to access our location, since our location is continues to share with the applications that have permission to know where we are.

Maps Incognito

Google Maps will keep turned on private mode until you disable it manually by clicking on the option “Clear browsing mode incognito”, although to reboot the device. It is a way to temporarily turn off the location history to leave no trace of where we’ve gone.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps – Navigation and public transport

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How to activate incognito mode in Google Maps for Android
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October 29, 2019

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