How to activate left-hander in Android

How to activate the mode for left-handed Android

In a world where the skilled are in the majority, the left-handed seem doomed to adapt. What we see in different areas of day-to-day, such as driving a vehicle, use a pair of scissors, or signing any document. And what about to control the mobile? Although the changes may be very subtle, it is true that the control of the smartphone may vary greatly if done with the right hand or the left. For this reason, in Android you can enable left-handed.

By doing so, you change the orientation of everything that goes on screen. So, for example, any icon that by default we see to the right of the panel, will be on the left when you activate the mode for left-handed, thus facilitating the use of the device to these people.

Activate the left-hander on Android step-by-step

The way lefty is built-in Android natively, so that it is not necessary to do root or turn to third-party applications to activate it. It is possible to activate it from the Android 4.4 KitKat, and remember that the path may vary slightly depending on your phone and the version of the operating system that you use (in our case, Android 9 Foot).

that Said, you must follow the next steps:


1.Active the developer options in your phone. To do this, go to Settings > Systems.

2.Click on ‘phone Information’.

3.scroll down until you see ‘build Number’ and click seven times in a row on him.

4.Enter the PIN code. You will get a notice saying that you have activated developer options.


5.Access to the developer options from ‘System’ > ‘developer Options’.

6.scroll down until you see the option to ‘Force layout direction RTL’ (in our case within ‘Drawing’) and activates the tab.


Immediately, the user interface will turn by changing the orientation of all the icons (as if in a ‘mirror mode’ it were). Thus, elements such as the three vertical dots of the Settings will be passed to the left side, in addition to other on-screen buttons providing any selection or sliding to activate different options.

Screenshot 20190701 193118

In case you want to disable, you must follow the same path and disable the ‘Force direction of the design RTL’.

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How to activate left-hander in Android
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