How to activate new call waiting Whatsapp in iOS and in Android

How to activate new call waiting Whatsapp in iOS and in AndroidFinally WhatsAppincorporates a functionality claimed by its community of users: calls waiting. With a usage increasingly on the rise among the millions of people that have installed this app, now you can see who is calling you while you’re speaking with another contact.The best thing is that there is to do anything to activate this new function, available both for iOSas for Android. Yes, to be able to make use of the same is essential to have the last version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile.If someone tries to call you on WhatsApp while you have another call, or video call is in progress, you will receive a notification in your mobile phonethat will depend on the type of call and you can choose whether to answer it or reject it? -which does not interrupt the call in progress-.For iOS, in the event that the incoming call is through a distinct pathway to WhatsApp -while you have a call or video call in WhatsApp in course – in addition to accept it or reject it, you can either opt for pause: put the ongoing call on hold and accept the incoming one.It should be noted that, make the decision that you take, WhatsApp alert you to the other person if you have declined your call.The function Calls allows you to make free calls to your contacts on WhatsApp, even if they are in another country. The function uses the connection to Internetof your phone instead of the calling plan from your mobile provider. is the application of communication most used in the world with 1.6 billion active accounts, followed by Facebook Messenger, which has 1.3 billion active accounts.In Spain, with more than 25 million users, continues to lead as the most widely used application to communicate, according to We are Social/Hoot Suite.

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