How to automatically delete the history from YouTube in Android

How to automatically clear history YouTube Android

YouTube follow steps activity history of Google and allows us to automatically delete our history playback. We can say for how long we want to preserve the history of YouTube.

This feature announced this week is already available for all the world, and it is for this reason that we are going to explain how to configure this new setting of privacy from the application YouTube for Android.

automatically Delete your playback history


If you don’t want YouTube to remember the videos that we played and the searches that we have conducted for the times of the times we have to perform these steps for enable automatic deletion:

  1. Opens YouTube for Android.
  2. Tap the icon of your profile and enters in Settings.
  3. Access to History and privacy and then enter Manage all activity.
Youtube 2

once inside the configuration History of YouTube, we have to find the card “The activity will be retained until you delete them manually” and click on “Change this setting”.

There, now we can choose if we want to save for 3 months, for 18 months or until you delete the history manually. Keep in mind that YouTube use the history to improve your recommendations, when more time is history-enabled, the better these recommendations.

once you have selected a period of time already so we just have to confirm. Will be deleted at that time from the history the videos viewed beyond the new period and will automatically begin deleting the activity with more than 3 or 18 months, depending on the option selected.

Delete and pause history


otherwise, If you want to completely delete the history of YouTube so we only have to select the option Delete history reproductions and Delete search history under Settings > History, and privacy of the YouTube app.

we can Also pause the history for you to stop storing in our Google account by activating the options Pause the play history and Pause the search history.



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How to automatically delete the history from YouTube in Android
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