How to block users, and e-mails in Gmail on Android

How to block users, and e-mails in Gmail on Android

In recent years, the mass sending of messages and calls have multiplied to fill in many occasions the inboxes of junk e-mail. If you receive too many messages of this type or of a specific user, you can easily block.

What is certain is that more and more companies get serious against the abuse spam in its services. It was in the case of WhatsApp who just a few months ago he explained that would embark on legal action against them to excessive use. In Gmail, for the moment, have not come so far, and you can manage it yourself.

Block a user in Gmail

If you receive messages in Gmail constantly of a same user, you can block it. To do this, you have to follow a few simple steps:

1.Opens an email that you have sent the user you want to block.


2.Click on the three dots located at the vertical position of the e-mail. (do not confuse with the same symbol of the Settings of the application, located above).

3.Click on ‘Block’


4.once this is done, you will jump up a notice within the e-mail that warns you that you be careful with the message and gives you the option to unlock the sender with one push on the same. All emails from this sender will go directly to the Spam bin.

Block emails in Gmail

in Addition to block users, you can also block the arrival of certain emails to your inbox. To do this you have several options.

Mark as spam

this Is the most ancient and, probably, the most effective. After opening the Gmail app on your Android mobile, you need to follow the following steps:


1.Select the message from the sender in question (for example, a newsletter or email promotions) by clicking on the circle located in the left side of the screen.

2.Click in the top right corner in the icon of three vertical dots.

3.Choose “Mark as spam”.

once this is done, all emails from that sender will go to spam folder.

unsubscribe from mass emails

did You register on some web site and send you great amount of emails? You can unsubscribe. To do so, open the Gmail app and do the following:

1.Opens an email from the sender whose messages you do not want to continue receiving.


2.Go to the bottom of the message and tap on ‘Cancel subscription’ or ‘Cancel’ preferences’. In the event that it does not appear, it is because the sender has not provided the information necessary for you to cancel the subscription. If so, you’ll need to mark the message as spam or block the sender, as explained above.


3.Will open a page of the sender in the one that asks if you want to stop receiving further communications from you and asks that you indicate the reason. The text of the message tends to vary, even though the essence itself is the same. In our example, it is sufficient to select any option and click on ‘unsubscribe’.

in Addition, if you receive lot of emails from a particular sender and not open them for a time, Gmail will suggest that you cancel your subscription to the list.

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How to block users, and e-mails in Gmail on Android
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August 9, 2019

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