How to blur an image to use for background of display and highlight the icons

How to blur an image to use background screen and highlight icons

The customization is one of the spearheads of Android. Unlike iOS, in Android you can change the icons and, subsequently, combine them with a wallpaper with a similar aesthetic to give it a look more beautiful on your mobile screen. However, not all of it is cosmetic and we have to keep in mind the visibility.

When we put a wallpaper with many details and colors we run the risk of the icons do not look good and does not stand out above the wallpaper. The solution to this hiccup is not much change in substance, but desenfocarlo on the main screen. To do so is very simple and can be done directly from the mobile phone.

solid Background in the lock screen, out-of-focus in the start

Blurone by Sliding the little white “Blur” will blur the image.

The app that we are going to use is Blurone and can be downloaded for free from Google Play. When you open it will give you three options. Choose “Create Wallpaper” and then “From current wallpaper” to use the background screen that you already have configured. If you want to import an image from the gallery to select the second option.

When you’ve chosen the image you will see two circles in the middle of the photo:

  • Blur: by sliding the little white you’ll change the blur level of the picture. To me, personally I like to leave it at 25%.
  • Dim: is the exposure and serves to change the brightness of the image and put it more or less dark.

When you have the image list, press the center button to apply the background directly to the home screen. If you tick the box below the picture will be saved also to the gallery, if you want to make a backup and keep it safe.

Before And After Before and after.

at The end you will see that the image of the lock screen it looks perfectly sharp and that the start screen is out of focus, enabling you to view icons. It is an easy trick to improve the visibility without having to sacrifice the wallpaper that you like.

Blurone - Blur effect wallpaper

Blurone – Blur effect wallpaper3.1

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How to blur an image to use for background of display and highlight the icons
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December 14, 2018

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