How to build your own widgets Widgets Zooper

How to build your own widgets Widgets Zooper

Many of you are a fans of customizing your device either widgets or adding issues you encounter in the Play Sto...

Many of you are a fans of customizing your device either widgets or adding issues you encounter in the Play Store. But what better yourself designing your own widgets to your liking?. Zooper Widgets is an application that will give you that possibility as it offers a huge amount of possibilities and the ability to customize each “template” widget as you want. Can also be created from scratch but that is for the more adventurous (and have time).

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How to create our own custom widget

Here we will explain in a series of steps as squeeze the most of this application and as you can customize widgets shows featuring this application. Do not miss it because you can do really your only smartphone.

1. We chose the size of the Widget

We go to the Widgets section and chose the size we want. You know how the measures are: 4 × 2 you would be 4 columns and 2 rows. Now, among the 18 different sizes offered will have to choose which suits your screen as icons you have. Starts very easy thing, right?

2. We chose the


Once placed in the widget Home screen you want, we’ll have to click on it to enable configuration menu and to make that black box in a nice and useful widget.

As you can see, once you have clicked is displayed all around us having this application, which are not few. It covers all types of widgets, from time and temperature up around phone state through all kinds of watches, very full and varied.

Are you ready?, because now comes the hard, customizing each parameter of the widget. Although you can also look like cowards and leave it as it was.

3. A customization

When we have chosen the widget so we like we will find a screen where you can see how is running our widget and customize it completely.

Settings Within Widget is a series of sections through which we can move to customize our widget. The most important is Layout, but first talk about the rest because this is the mother of the lamb. In the settings widget can change the background color of the widget and change the opacity . Although only available for PRO version , we can also choose what action to take when you press on the widget. It is comfortable and useful to have a weather widget and the press it open your favorite weather app, right?. Can also change the location in which the widget is based, if for example we have a widget with the time of another country, select that country and location ready. Finally, we can scalar the widget to fit the size that we have selected.


An important issue is Global Settings, here we modify: background color for preview use a background image to the preview, select update intervals, change the temperature unit , choose the provider information of time, not show all day events and force the English language

In the Advanced section we can. force the widget to make it work in landscape mode , use geolocation for your widget, autosave made templates and the widget will not update even with the screen off. Many preferences but where is the customization that you say?.

4. Layout

We said before that we would leave the Layout section for last because that’s where all the juice of the application is. Here is where each block added to widget because we see these templates already made, are made from scratch, but we offer them to facilitate our work. Yet we can customize the position of each block, color, size, etc.. You’ll see now.


When we entered we find with blocks or modules added. Now, if you click on any of them, we will open a window which will allow us to modify many aspects of the widget. Among them we find:

  • Module Name
  • text content (date, battery, free memory, etc.)
  • anchor on screen
  • horizontal and vertical displacement
  • Action

  • pressing the particular module
  • type series (way the series is represented in a calendar would be shown as day for example)
  • Order placement of each object
  • separation between each object
  • Overwrite location for the particular module
  • Text alignment
  • text-mode
  • size, color and typeface font
  • size, color and topography of the selected object.
  • Rotate text
  • Mist

  • , horizontal / vertical offset of the shadow and color
  • Advanced Settings

clarify that not all of these parameters we find them in any module, depending on which we choose to find something or other. It makes no sense to modify the content of an object if we are doing a calendar widget, right?

All of these parameters are shown above easy to set, showing lists of options or typical selection box color and opacity. To achieve the desired objective may have to spend some more time but still will see how the staff and as a result will own pearl in your home screen. Then we leave with video offered by developers Zooper Widget so you can see the great potential of such an application. Also you can see more visually operation of the application. Watch the video

This software is the Play Store in two versions, a fully free but advertising function without “pressing widget action” and save templates and another version of Payment costing € 1.79, this completely unblock the application and remove advertising

Application Google Play

Application Google Play

Best Widgets created and ready to use


upon ourselves to create our first widget’re a little short on imagination, so there are widgets already created in the Play Store ready to install and add. All based on Zooper.

Here we leave you with several interesting widgets and I liked to share with you. Most are minimalist look and the truth is that in my opinion are a great time at homepages. Clarify that will need the PRO version Zooper Widget for the simple reason that this we download are templates we have to import a Zooper. And as we said before, the to export / import templates is only possible in the PRO version. So if we want to enjoy them around that we are going to show you now, you have to checkout and buy the paid version. Finally, also in many cases have to install Media Utilities to pump them around.


So simple that I loved it. This widget is formed by an arc where you can see the percentage battery and within, we will find data on the time , temperature and calendar.

mode to show the temperature and weather in usually consists of an icon that will change as rain, shine and others. Furthermore we show the maximum and minimum temperature the place where we are. Although not only displays the time, but we also show you the calendar events aside time. Full and minimalist.

Application Google Play



A compilation minimalistic appearance widgets between which encompasses several types of widgets we have all ever used. Within the set of widgets Flat we find one for time, one for the watch calendar, notifications music, for unlock screen and location.

Here we are not widgets with “all one, “but we have to add different widgets as you want. It is certainly very useful for people who do not need to know the time or date, but wants to have a nice widget to control music.

Application Google Play

Project X

Another one of the widgets that encompass several things into one. Project X consists of four different widgets. One intended primarily for lock screen, one for notifications, one that encompasses calendar and temperature and finally, one that I liked enough to music as a player.

The interface is minimal and consists of a circle filled with what we have chosen. A curious thing is that when we put on that shows the temperature, the circumference is showing the rest of the day. But without doubt, it should be noted that most of this widget is that if we put the music widget , we controls to handle and line, the cover album. This I liked.

Application at Google Play

Six Status Bars


Finally, Six Status Bars bar will provide your home page with useful information. Broadly speaking there are two variants of the widget, one that shows the date and another that will show a counter of notifications.

said large added features that this application will six widgets with different styles but still, it will display the notifications or time. That it will cover from side to side of the screen and has a translucent background gives a very nice start to the touch screen, at least in my opinion. Aplicación at Google Play

If you want to find out more widgets, do not hesitate to visit the Play Store, there you will meet with many different widgets and everyone.


very much recommend you to give a chance to This app your perfect able to create widgets for yourself. I think a couple of them that were very useful to me but after a while I ended up tired, I’m not an Android user to use many widgets, Still, all I did was to my taste completely.

Perhaps the only fault I find in this application is that much time in such words as certain parameters such as memory and others are English. Would be appreciated if they could switch to another language in order to meet more users. But it also has things that I liked a lot, as is e n all times we see you running the widget as we change the parameters.

How about if you leave catches in the comments screen widgets that you have created?

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