How to create a sticker with your face for WhatsApp? Discover this app for iOS and Android

Admit it: you’re hooked on WhatsApp, as the other 30 million users in Spain. You already conquered the fashion of the ‘Memojis’ a couple of months ago and now you’re dying to make a sticker with your photo christmas of horns of reindeer.The creators of apps they know this and this is why there is a proliferation of applications to make ‘stickers’ with your face-or that of your cat!-. One of the most popular is Sticker Maker, which allows you to create your own packet of ren of WhatsApp with your photos in a very simple way.Sticker Maker is available for both iOS as for Android and allows you to create packages of stickers for pets, your girlfriend, your family or your friends in three simple steps.In the first place, download the app on the App Store or Google Play so free. Once in your mobile, just open it and create a new package of ren. Choose a fun name for your pack to have more hook.The next step is to choose the image you want to use from your gallery or take a picture through the camera-. Remember that in this step you will need to give access to the app to your photos.Once chosen, you must cut it out: so you can choose between a cutback with the option ‘smart selection’ of the app, manually with your finger with the option to ‘freehand’ or a cut with the shape of a square or of a circle. If the option that you choose is the manual, you will see a small magnifying glass to see in detail what you cut.You can also leave the photo as is, although it is less ‘resulted’.With this app, before saving the sticker we can add text and change the contour. Once you have it to taste, store. The bad thing is that after you will not be able to modify it.Each package allows you to add up to 30 stickers of your photos. When you have made your stickers, add them to WhatsApp by clicking the button ‘Add to WhatsApp’. After an ad -not here nor will you pounds of advertising-, the app you ask if you can open WhatsApp. Click on ‘open’ and you will be able to use in your mobile phone.And don’t worry if you want to make any more after: do them in the app and then updated the package from the same WhatsApp.So don’t go crazy looking for them, you will find your new stickers on iPhone tab of the ren, that you can access from the text box and changing the option ‘GIF’ to the sticker. I explain below with an image:In the case of Android, the path is a bit easier: open an individual chat or group, and in the box to write text, tap the symbol of the emojis and there, select the option from the ren.
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How to create a sticker with your face for WhatsApp? Discover this app for iOS and Android
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December 28, 2019

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