How to create custom categories in the Android photo album


Each photo album is a world Android. According to the manufacturer it organized in a way or another, and we have a more in Google Play to choose from. Usually every photo application creates its own categories on the album, and we ended up having one of the camera to Instagram, WhatsApp, screenshots … until we get bored.

But besides this we may want to have our own categories to organize it to your liking. For example, to put the pictures of our cousin’s wedding or trip to Thailand, so they have their own category shortcut on the album.

Doing this is really simple, but many do not know the existence of this possibility. It’s really as easy as creating a new folder and put pictures in this, since Android will catch it and add it to the album with his name.


We can use a file manager for Android, but I’ve done it from the computer. Simply connect the phone via USB and we access it with the file browser. For our custom category create a new folder with the name you want. We can do it in a folder that is already dedicated to photos or create your own named “Custom Albums”, for example, to get there all who believe.


Having done this and added a photo to the new folder we created, we open our album from the phone and we will see the custom category. So easy and useful to rearrange photos to our liking.

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How to create custom categories in the Android photo album
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August 13, 2013

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