How to create hidden notes on your Xiaomi phone

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Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that más choices allows us to have at our disposal, one thing that is natural when you have worked hard your layer MIUI. The internal options alsoén allow you to have things that can use a lot of utility, among them to create notes that can be hidden to aim information’re.

These secret notes only work in teléphones Xiaomi, to beán-protected with a password&branches;so that no one can access them in ning&number;n time. The device Xiaomi needá of MIUI for these notes to have a clear potential if we want to save a message, a PIN or any key.

C’mo create notes hidden in a terminal Xiaomi

For the creation’n of these notes hidden in a Xiaomi simply follow a few steps quite simple, don’t takeá más than a minute. Many users are unaware of this feature’n that we couldá come of pearls to keep them under lock when you enter a key that only we know.

To create the note hidden you have to go to the app «Notes», from the top slide the top down and mantén the finger on this to open the section «hidden Notes».

When you open «hidden Notes» sets up this section with a patr’n to block the access of these notes on your smartphone.

Notes Xiaomi

The ocultaci’n we carryá just seconds to block them, passá to be essential if we are to estén hidden, you can save information’re valuable to keep it safe. is Remember to know the patr’n for the unlock at any time, which is vital if you want to go back to the notes.

Notes innacesibles

Xiaomi has worked in the security of this character’feature, such that it is impossible to access if you do not have the patr’n, which you can change if you want to have one for all the hidden notes that you create. Además of this feature’n there are many functions available that we will reveal throughout this month.


How to create hidden notes on your Xiaomi phone
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July 11, 2020

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