How to create your own stickers in Google Allo from a selfie

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leaked last week, but we had to wait until today for Google it has been officially announced. Starting today, we will be able to create our stickers personalized with Google Allo

Google Allo will make use of neural networks to create stickers from a selfie. The artificial intelligence of Google will be able to recognize our traits and styling for create fun artwork carried out by us that we may share in conversations with our contacts.


Create your own stickers

[[update: {“text”:”Note: Google is enabling this new feature in a phased manner starting today, so if you haven’t out you’ll have to wait to be able to create your stickers custom.”}]]

To create our own sticker so we only have to touch the “+” in the field of drafting, go to the section for the insert, sticker, and tap the icon to download more stickers. There on the Gallery stickers we will have to go to the new tool, Converts a selfie on stickers and tap Create.

There already so we only have to take a selfie focusing our face in the goggles that appear as a guide. We took the photo and now just have to wait to generate the stickers.

If we don’t like the finish we can customize the package of stickers by changing the characteristics of the person, such as hair color or the shape of the face. Once ready our package of stickers we can send them in to our conversations like a sticker normal.


neural networks, Google is able to recognize and illustrate a variety of features and hairstyles to draw our face. The better the lighting the better the results.

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How to create your own stickers in Google Allo from a selfie
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May 11, 2017

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