How to delete a message in WhatsApp for anyone to see

Whatsapp Delete

One of the future features of WhatsApp most anticipated of the last few months finally starts to reach out to the world. After the location in real time now it is the turn of deletion message sent to the receiver or receivers may not be able to read it.

After a long wait, WhatsApp has already begun to enable this new functionality in a phased manner to the millions of users who use their message service, which will now be able to quickly delete those messages that are sent by mistake or that they repented after it is sent. Will now be able to reverse it.

Delete message sent

Whatsapp Delete

WhatsApp is now offering seven minutes to delete a message sent to all recipients. To achieve this, you only will need to select the message, click on the trash icon (Delete) and select the new option Delete all.

Delete all deletes the message sent to the receiver, so that our contact not be able to see your content, even if yes you will know that our message was deleted, because where was our message a message will appear informing that “This message was deleted”.

Whatsapp Delete

We may remove any message that is sent, both the text, images, videos, audios and co. If we are not quick and our contact has opened a photo, it has begun to reproduce the video or audio, closes strike and remove from your device just at the moment that we delete the message.

even Though the contact has read the message we can delete it during the first seven minutes. Yes, the longer we delay the more risk we have to take a screenshot or make a copy of the photo or video received.

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How to delete a message in WhatsApp for anyone to see
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