How to Display Ambient on almost any Android, free and without root

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One of the main features of the new LG and Samsung Galaxy S7 G5, presented at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, ​​is the so-called Ambient Display . This feature is included as standard in their respective layers of customization for keep always active screen and be able to take a quick notifications look.

Personally is one of those little things that I miss when I test some brands because it is very comfortable taking your terminal and see all notifications without unlocking the device. Why this time I decided to bring an application so you can have functionality Ambient Display in almost any Android , and best of all, without root and free thanks to AC Display the free app


the app AC Display

Although both South Korean companies have submitted this addition as a novelty, the fact is Motorola was his first Moto X which officially added. Later, Google made it available to the Nexus 6 in its penultimate version of Android 5.0 and was gaining in popularity. And even before there were similar functions as the Nokia Glance.

First of all, commenting that the battery spending is not very high, because it has different options to decide how and when to use this feature. Besides that if your phone has a AMOLED screen, its consumption is much lower than that of an IPS, because the pixels are turned off when the background is completely black. Let the mess.

First, install the AcDisplay app from this link to the Play Store. It is free, and the only requirement is that your version of Android is equal to or greater than 4.1 Jelly Bean .

Ac Display 1c

once installed, open the application and have to click on the button to turn it off. In my case, since my operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow must enable permissions ‘Device Manager’ and ‘Notifications’, as you can see in the following screen. If your version is older, you will not need anything mentioned above.

Ac 2c Display

Finally , I recommend clicking on the three dots next to the Help icon, and open the Settings menu to display Ambient activate both the lock screen (requires additional permissions on Marshmallow) as its Active mode .

The most interesting, Active mode, use mobile sensors to wake up the screen only when necessary. An example? When you get your pocket device, AcDisplay be activated to take a look at our notifications. And no, this method does not keep the CPU running constantly, so the battery drain will not be greater.

 Ac 3c Display

As if this were not enough, customizing AcDisplay is total. You can set priorities for notifications, change animation, using a custom background, restrict apps want displayed or not displayed or even turn it off at specific times or works only when charging.

 Ac 4c Display

If you’ve followed all the steps, you will have something like this result. If you explore a little application you can see that is more complete and has more options personification of notifications.

 Ac 5c Display

In the Play Store there are options similar to the one I use, but this is the best results has given me. Complete and customizable, is almost equal to that Google and Motorola implemented in their Nexus and Moto X respectively. Surely you agradeceréis have so handy notifications, for me it has become indispensable and avoids continually turn the phone

And you, with that system accedéis notifications

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How to Display Ambient on almost any Android, free and without root
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February 26, 2016

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