How to distinguish true 4K UHD TVs – presentedsamsungespana

The TV industry has entered a new era of ultra-high definition (4K UHD) and some manufacturers who have not the effort to develop this technology wish to use the boom to sell the same models of dubious quality

Consumers should be wary of very cheap UHD TVs. some are a hoax .

UHD is the name given to the industry to the resolution 3840×2160 pixels with a full HD 8MP . Among consumers the most notorious name to refer to these TVs is the 4K UHD. The authorities in the world of images, such as Digital Europe, declare UHD resolution four times the definition of a Full HD panel, in addition to its pixels must contain the red, blue and green colors .

But as usual some manufacturers are trying to sell inferior products as products UHD. There are too many cases of televisions 3K, with just 3,000 horizontal pixels that are offered to consumers as UHD to fool. The problema in China it is quite serious and many manufacturers without the ability to produce panels 4K UHD real quality and are turning to these practices.

Comparison resolution Full HD vs UDH – Samsung


What’s the catch

A pixel TV is made of three subpixels: red, green and blue (RGB). They are mixed to produce color that is finally seen on the screen. But, televisions sold as 4K UHD and are not use four subpixels: white, red, green and blue (WRGB). What they do well is to have the same number of subpixels, but really creates problems that harm the consumer if they are employed for this task.

pixels WRGB , parts of the three primary colors, RGB, are changed to white. Therefore, not only has 25% less definition, 6-megapixel (2880×2160 pixels) , but the expression of color is degraded by these sub pixel can only display white or black when technology is used to “emulate” the resolution led to believe that they have the consumer.

Learn to recognize one UHD TV. Samsung

The white subpixels, used for this purpose, can not reproduce the realism 4K UHD TVs have to display. The difference is more noticeable if you compare the different models in the store. It is best to look TV is having a UHD certification , like that offered by Digital Europe.

Digital Europe offers certification for all 4K UHD TVs with 8 megapixel to allow consumers to buy a TV without fear that really can provide ultra-high definition as the market demands.


How to distinguish true 4K UHD TVs – presentedsamsungespana
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