How to download faster the games on PS4

I highlight the keys in a little tutorial.

it Is one of the biggest complaint of the community. Why is the download speed on PlayStation 4 is so slow? In a world that is increasingly digital, with offerings in this format and hundreds of update patches in our favorite games, it is usual that we’re a and another time in front of a progress bar that doesn’t move. But there is a small solution: Vandal Ware we have how to make downloads go much faster.

no, it is Not our bandwidth

Yes, the downloads on the PS4 are slow, but it is not the fault of our connection or bandwidth. The connection system from Sony is not the best in the world, and really, curtails greatly our download speed even when we’re not even playing on the console. No matter that we have fiber or ADSL: does not work well. To take advantage of not have to change the DNS, or disrupt ports. Simply we have to use the sleep Mode on our machine.

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How to download faster the games on PS4

Using the sleep mode on PS4

To achieve our PS4 download games while in Sleep Mode we have to follow these steps:

1. Go to the menu Settings

2. Enter in Settings of Energy Saving

3. Select the option to Set networking functions in Sleep

4. Select the appropriate check box in the option Stay connected to the network

as Well, and with the Sleep Mode is enabled, our console downloaded to a speed much higher than with the system turned on. The system, in theory, disconnected processes that would be capando downloads, and given that he believes that we’re not doing anything in those moments-nor play, nor to configure anything on the menu-would provide all the bandwidth available to the console. It is not the best solution in the world, but it is very functional and speeds up the waiting times.

How to download faster the games on PS4

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