How to empty trash in Android

How to empty trash in Android

Some operating systems, such as Windows, include a kind of purgatory before you delete a file definitively: recyc...

Some operating systems, such as Windows, include a kind of purgatory before you delete a file definitively: recycle bin. It is normal to forget about their content, except when you need to recover files you deleted without wanting to, since its content is cleared every time to time.

Android as such does not have a trash bin, although some layers of personalization and applications include a similar function, and sometimes with the same name. Sometimes you prefer to deleted it is deleted permanently and therefore you’ll want to empty this trash. The way to do it.

Emptying the trash in Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most popular applications that includes its own trash. It will stop all photos and videos that you delete Google Photos and are automatically deleted after 60 days. If you want to, you can always speed up the process by entering in your own trash, and deleting their contents.

How to empty trash in Android

To do this, open the side panel of Google Photos, and go into Trash. Tap then on the button of the menu and, finally, choose Emptying the trash. Keep in mind that this is irreversible and you will not be able to retrieve the content from the trash after emptying it.

How to empty trash in Android

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Empty the recycle bin of the Gallery

Many Android phones come with Google Photos preinstalled as gallery app, but some layers of customization continue to be committed to your own gallery classic. This gallery app you can have your own trash, perhaps under another name such as Items recently deleted, which is as lllama Huawei in the gallery app of EMUI.

How to empty trash in Android

Here, unfortunately, we can not guide you step-by-step, because it depends on each gallery app and not all will have the option. In EMUI, the items recently deleted -that is to say, the trash – is shown as an album more, so that you must enter it and then tap on Delete. If your mobile has an application gallery with trash, it is quite possible that the process will be similar.

Emptying the trash in Google Drive

Another application that has trash is Google Drive, in this case, including any photo, video, document or any other file that you’ve recently cleared after uploading it to Google Drive. Is accessed again from the side panel, entering into the Trash.

How to empty trash in Android

Empty the trash in Google Drive is a little more complicated than in other applications, because there is no button as such. In its place, you have to select all the files with a long tap on one of them and then using the button Select all, and then use the options menu and choose permanently Delete.

Emptying the trash from Gmail

finally, we must not forget the Gmail trash, the place where people go to stop all the email messages that you delete and are kept for 30 days before disappearing forever. If you want to delete them already, you just need to enter Bin and press Empty trash now.

How to empty trash in Android

In this article we have covered the main applications with a function of recycle or the like, although it could be more. If you are looking for how to empty the trash of another application, it is normal that the process is not very different from that of previous applications.

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How to empty trash in Android

How to empty trash in Android
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