How to enter the Recovery mode in Android

Recovery Mode

All Android devices have a recovery mode hidden, the famous Recovery mode that more advanced users to switch to an alternative (ClockWork or TWRP , for example) to install ROMs and rooting their devices, but the Recovery of series also offers very practical options that can use the less experienced users and can get them any trouble.

Recovery mode is a system partition and . Independent boot , so if we can not start our Android to access this recovery mode to try to recover our device Android

Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode we have to start off with the device and perform a series of combinations. Following in the steps we show some of the most common combinations specifying some manufacturers. There are manufacturers that depending on the model used a combination or another, so you have to be tested or do a simple search on Google to find the combination of our model.

  1. Turn off your device.
    • Nexus, Motorola and others: Hold the button for down volume press and hold the button on until the device is switched
    • HTC and others. Hold down the button to download and increase volume , and hold, press the button on until the device turns
    • BQ and others. Hold the button for increase volume press and hold the button Power until the device turns
    • Samsung:. Press and hold the button for download and Home , and hold, press the button on until the device turns
    • Sony:. On the device and hold the increase volume when the Sony logo and LED light appears it turns pink / amber / orange
  2. On many devices must be performed after the following steps.

  3. Press the button down volume repeatedly to select “Recovery mode” option.
  4. Click the button on to restart the device mode recovery. An image of an Android appears with an exclamation mark in red and the words “No Commands”.
  5. Hold the button on and press the button for increase the volume once.

Recovery mode

Using a computer

If we do not find the button combination can use our computer to access the Recovery. If you installed the Android SDK with the SDK Tools Only spare us, along with the our device drivers can access the Recovery mode running from a terminal window or command a single instruction. Connected your device to your computer via USB and within the platform-tools Android SDK run the command:

adb reboot recovery

Recovery Mode, two more practical functions

Once in recovery mode, two very practical options. The first is the “wipe data / factory reset” for factory reset the device , a very practical option if we see that our device does not boot . We will move its menu using the volume buttons and select the option marked with the power button.

The second very practical option is “wipe cache partition” that allows us to delete temporary data OS cache allowing us to free up some memory on the device by removing junk files that have been created after months of use. This option is not recommended to use it frequently, only a very timely manner

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How to enter the Recovery mode in Android
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April 24, 2015

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