How to export your chats Allo

How to export your chats Allo

The Allo has been a true chronicle of a death foretold. There are those who saw their future from the first day, something that was confirmed with the claudication of Google in April and the death sentence of a few days ago: Allo will die in march 2019.

But your chats don’t have to die with him. As expected, Allo has an option for export your chats and leave them safely tucked away for posterity. This role comes with a message of farewell to let the most clueless that the application has the days counted.

Export your chats

Although some of us may seem impossible, there are people who have been using Allo in your circle of friends or family and which you will regret your next closing. Is more, the chat history of two years could be lost forever if not you make sure to make a backup before you take the closure you definitely.

Allo has long been a system of backup in Google Drive to what WhatsApp, but unfortunately you have no control over it and doesn’t even appear in the section backups. That is to say, they are for internal use: you can’t see or download their content.

What you can do is export your chats directly from Allo, with the new functionality introduced in, probably, one of the latest updates that you will receive the application before it is buried. To do this you must first go to the Settings Allo, and then enter Chat.

Exportarr The three steps required

Here you will find two options: the Export messages in chat and Export media files from chats. To keep all your chats safe, you need both. When you touch one of them, opens the box of share of Android. If you do not want to send to someone, you can choose to save it in Google Drive or send it to yourself by e-mail, to name a few options.

What is in this backup?

So, the good news is that it is very easy to export the chats. The bad, that the backup itself is not very readable by itself. The messages are stored in a CSV file, with the values separated by commas. It is a good format to process the file electronically, but bad for you review of your old chats.

Exportarallo The chat is not very readable

In the images and videos, are stored compressed in a ZIP file without order or concert, so if you have been using Allo for two years, going to cost you quite recompose your conversations from this backup. Technically, someone could program an app that can process this backup and a format that is easy to read, although at the moment this is what there is.

The truth is that Google is could have done a little more generate a backup that can be consulted easily without being a robot, but taking into account that the app takes abandoned since half a year ago, you probably wanted to spend the effort just and necessary.

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How to export your chats Allo
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