How to find duplicate files on your PC

If your hard disk is almost full, a good way to free up space is to seek and find duplicate files. Read on and discover how quickly and easily.

From dozens of copies of the final chapter of the thesis to music files that are duplicated mysteriously your PC is full of forgotten files . These duplicate files that accumulate as junk in an attic, eventually occupy the space available on your hard disk that is intended for the things that really matter. In addition, create annoying conflicts photographs in our applications, file managers or libraries music.

Although it is a common practice, have the same files in different locations, it is one of the worst forms of organize your documents. Luckily there are tools that allow us to get rid of all that crap without wasting time checking file by file. Today we look at some of these tools to find duplicate files, both computers with Windows and Linux computers

Find duplicate Windows

dupeGuru is a program you can download for free from its web site and is also available for other systems operating. His algorithm coincidence approximate to find files with identical or similar names. In addition, shows similarities between different types of files , for example, a JPG file with the same name as a PNG file.

Once downloaded and installed, open dupeGuru and click on the icon with the “most” of the first screen to select the folders you want to scan for duplicate files . Select “Scan” and the program will start to work.

Depending on the amount and size of the files in the folder, we will have to wait a bit to take the next step. Eventually the list of duplicate files will appear on your screen. The original files will be marked in blue and just below them can find duplicates files and the corresponding location on the hard disk. You can also see the size of files and a percentage of coincidence to quickly determine how the same may be a file from another.

To select files and perform actions in batch only need to check the box that Just off the filename. Files can be deleted, copied or moved location for verification.

If you only want to work with a specific type of file, dupeGuru also has special programs to find duplicate Music or Pictures. Other alternative programs to find duplicate files in Windows are Easy Duplicate Finder, Duplicate Cleaner and SearchMyFiles.

Find duplicate Linux

For users of Linux, FSlint it works great. This tool is available for different distributions and supports multiple languages. It can be installed by the software center distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Red Hat; or by command line by typing in the terminal:

In Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install fslint

In Fedora:
sudo yum install fslint

Once installed open FSlint and see a screen in which will show the default directory of your home folder . If you want to open a specific folder using the buttons “add” and “remove” found on the left side of the screen. Then click on the “search” button to begin to generate a list of duplicate files.

During the search found files are filtered by size, and all other files of the same size are then evaluated for verify that they are not linked. The algorithm used in this case is extremely complete, this order of minimize, to the extent possible, the false positives that could lead to data loss .

In the results screen, all duplicate files are grouped together under a gray bar with information such as the number of files that are in the group and the number of bytes lost duplicate files. In turn, the files under the gray bar are listed by name, directory and the last modified date. The status bar below the “search” button allows identify the total number of bytes wasted in total duplicate files .

If you want to try alternative to find duplicate files Linux, fdupes works very well.


How to find duplicate files on your PC
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