How to get stunning effects of Photoshop in a few steps

The effects of Photoshop allow us to change our image and give a very different look compared to the original photo. Here are some of the highlights.

Many Photoshop effects are nothing but the particular way to edit that, at some point, thanks to a photographer or group of them became popular. For example, this is the case Dave Hill, who became fashionable style surreal image that betting on one aspect more like a computer generated design from a photograph that.

Edit images can become quite a task dull and boring because it usually always follow the same steps to When optimizing a photo: exposure control, intensity, curves, contrast … etc. However, some effects of Photoshop can help to break the monotony and face a new experience, both visually and practice.

We should note that for a given result, sometimes not followed the same procedures. That is, the large number of tutorials exist on the Internet are also subject to own subjective variation photographer . Moreover, it is not necessary that we use Photoshop, there are many alternatives, but it is undeniable that the program is Adobe the most popular among amateur publishing

Dragan Effect

Credit: Andrzej Dragan

This is a form-based editing Andrzej Dragan filter, whose portraits characterized by faces show a very dramatic. As if the Baroque it were, these images tend to opt for chiaroscuro and tenebrism


  • Adjust levels (cloak adjustment- new layer levels): bring the blacks to whites to create a more mixed picture

  • Down. saturation (cloak adjustment- new layer hue / saturation) depends on the image, but usually is usually around -30

  • <. strong> High Pass Filter (Filter – Other – High Pass) within 10 select and place the overlay layer. If the effect is very exaggerated, we can vary the opacity of this layer so that is not so extreme.

  • Tool underexpose / overexpose use these tools to review the boundaries of those areas that we want to promote. Especially we should do enough emphasis on the eyes and wrinkles

  • White and black (cloak new adjustment layer – White and Black).: This last step is optional, but can also test how would that image in black and white, as the Dragan effect usually works well with monochrome colors.

Orton Effect

This time is going to get otherwise in Photoshop effects as above. Thus, we had a dramatic to harmonious . Therefore, it is often used nature landscapes where we want to highlight the beauty of the image


  • Duplicate layer (Layer – duplicate layer) <. / p>

  • Change the blending mode to web and duplicate that layer.

  • In the layer above duplicate, we apply a Gaussian blur (filter – desenfocar- Gaussian blur) with a radius about 15 pixels. Then change the blending mode to multiplication

Effect Gretty

This is one of the simplest effects of Photoshop, but it would still be useful. Broadly speaking, all we do is desaturate the image, focus it and add noise but only with these 3 steps and get A proven very suitable for urban photo


  • Duplicate the original layer

  • High Pass Filter (Filter – Other – High Pass) : careful use high radio, because then we would have some unwanted halos in our image. It is therefore advisable not exceed 10 pixels. Finally, the blending mode of the previous layer to overlay .

  • Get the saturation (cloak new layer adjustment- hue / saturation): It depends on the image, but is usually set around -30

  • Add Noise . For this, we create a new layer and fill it (Edit – Fill) containing 50% gray . Subsequently, add white noise (filter – noise – add noise) around 20%. Finally, set the layer blending mode overlay .

LOMO Effect

This time it tries to mimic the effects generated by the resulting images of Lomographic cameras. Vignetting, the great contrast and shifted to a particular color are often the most identifying features of this type of photography


  • vignetting (filters – lens correction – as) we put in bullet -60 and +100 midpoint in place

  • Varying levels. : new levels layer (cloak new adjustment layer – levels) and it will approach the blacks to whites to create a more mixed picture

  • . Curves (cloak new adjustment layer – Curves): If you look, in the same setting window you can click on a drop down where we change the RGB color red, green or blue modify them independently. Here too there is nothing predefined, we just curves vary between for the haul we prefer.

  • Brightness and Contrast (cloak new layer adjustment – brightness and contrast): basically it is to increase the brightness and contrast of our image to our liking, which still further increase the difference between the dark and light areas

  • Filters VSCO

    Filter VSCO Kodak Tri-X. Credits: Chris Schoonover

    Well, this is the option more simple: use a predefined filter. For starters, we could try the free pack VSCO Film® 00 , which offers different filters that mimic film aesthetics. Do not try to immovable filters , but once applied is also recommended us to adjust the different values ​​of our image so that it looks its best.


    How to get stunning effects of Photoshop in a few steps
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