How to hide the ‘notch’ if the screen of your mobile phone has

Hide Notch

The famous ‘notch’ will be increasingly common in Android. Mobile as the Huawei P20, ASUS Zenfone 5 or OnePlus 6 what have been added. Although many users may not like it, it is true that it helps to increase the ratio of screen considerably, and is unable to provide mobile more compact, which is always good.

What happens if we have a mobile phone with nick, peninsula, or ‘notch’ and we want to remove it? Cannot be deleted because it is integrated in the own screen of the mobile but what we can do is to hide the ‘notch’.

To perform this little trick, you will need a specialized application to such a task. It works in a way equivalent to what several manufacturers have already incorporated in the own settings of the device. It is logical that in the future all manufacturers that are committed to the notch will also allow to hide it, but experience tells us that we must not put our trust in it so that the application that we bring you today will be very useful for people who want to lose sight of it.

Hides the ‘notch’ obscuring the status bar

Xda Notch

The application in question is Nacho Notch. Developed by Zachary Warner that already have experience with other applications customization of the system. In this case, the app is the most simple and simple.

Nacho Notch we request access to be displayed on other applications and it is a darkening of the status bar. With this, the top bar will be completely black regardless of the application and will merge with the ‘notch’.

Notch Settings

To enable this ‘hide the notch’ I will do it from the quick settings, where you can add a dedicated button to do this.

The interface is very simple and just place the shortcut where we want), although you will usually have it on hand because it will be an app that we will use quite a bit. Especially in videos and applications in landscape where the presence of the eyebrow is more noticeable.

Nacho Notch 2

Nacho Notch can be a free download from Google Play even if your mobile does not have the feature peninsula then it will not serve for nothing. On the contrary, if you have a Huawei P20 Lite or any mobile with ‘notch’ and by software we don’t have the option to hide it, then this app will be more useful.

As always on Android, in the end it is the community and the applications who solves some additions that do not quite convince all the users. And personally, the option of this application seems to me a solution more simple and effective than not the chosen one for Android P the proposal is to expand the size of the status bar. What do you think of you?

Nacho Notch

Nacho Notch

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How to hide the ‘notch’ if the screen of your mobile phone has
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April 5, 2018

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