How to know Facebook that a person has died?

Although in the midst of the pain produced by the death of a family member or friend to be the least of it, the social networks, on the land side, they become sooner or later a topic that must be addressed. In relation to Facebook, it must first be notified to the sad circumstance, and decide if you want to transform your account into a memorial (the usual policy of the company about it) or if on the contrary you prefer to apply for their final disposal.The accounts memorial is designed to remember and honor in the digital frame to the deceased and they have the particularity that, in pursuit of the protection of the content, no one can log on to them. Of the same are responsible for the so-called contact legacy, the person of confidence that one designates if it considers (on the way to communicate who we want to be the administrator is the following: settings/ account settings memorial / indicate the name of the person elected / add).The contact of legacy you can make a publication posted on the profile (share one last message, to inform the funeral), update the profile picture and the cover, download (if it has been referred to in the previous configuration) a copy of what the user had shared on Facebook and request the above-mentioned deletion of the account. On the contrary, the contact legacy never be able to log on, read messages or delete friends, or submit new inform Facebook of the death of a close person and ask for their conversion into account memorial is need to complete a form in which they should indicate who has died, where and when to attach a document attesting to the death. If the account owner not chosen to a contact of legacy, no one will take up the same once you submit this request.If it has been decided to delete the account, the required step is, through another form, communicating the death and attach a photo or scanned copy of the death certificate. In case of not having it, the alternative passes through to send a proof of legal authority (power of attorney, birth certificate, etc) and a proof (for example, the obituary).It should be noted that, just as you can designate a point of contact of legacy, the user also has the option to issue a warning that you want your account removed permanently if you die. The path to this connection is the following: settings / account settings commemorative / click on ‘request your account is deleted when fallezcas’ and then on ‘delete when you die’.On the accounts memorial, these are characterized by the words ‘in memory of’ next to the profile name, ensure that the friends to share memories in the biography and do not appear in public spaces, such as the suggestions of ‘people you may know’, reminders of birthdays, or announcements.
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How to know Facebook that a person has died?
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December 15, 2019

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