How to know if you are spied on through the webcam and how to avoid them


  • hackers can access the camera and turn it on, recording everything you do in front of your computer.
  • Four basic tips will avoid unpleasant surprises.


hackers can access the webcam from your computer and activate it remotely, so that you can record everything that you do when you’re in front of your PC. To check and avoid it, ComputerHoy offers four tips.

1. Check the operation of your computer. If there is an excess of activity in the outbound connections, it may be a symptom that your webcam has been hacked. There are programs that allow you to monitor those connections and to detect if any one consumes excessive amounts of system bandwidth. It would be a sign that someone is sending images from your webcam to an external server. the ComputerHoy, recommends NetWorx.

2. Always update your anti-virus software. The antivirus programs are specialized to detect intrusions and block them. Have the antivirus updated to avoid problems of this type.

3. Check the security settings of the webcam. If the camera is external, it may include a software to configure it. Must have security options, such as setting a password for access. If the webcam is integrated in the panel ‘Settings / Privacy / Camera’, you can turn off the option ‘Allow applications to use the camera’.

4. Desconéctala when not in use. in The end, it is the most effective method: disconnect the USB cable from the camera when not in use. If the webcam is built in, you can turn to cover the camera.


How to know if you are spied on through the webcam and how to avoid them
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April 2, 2017

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