How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become, by own merits, in the main channel of communication through mobile phones. Beyond including voice calls, they won’t stop falling from that the couriers are in charge of the operations.

The messaging app owned by Facebook is the world’s leader in number of users and it shows, hence, lose this channel with someone you know can become a problem.

So when you picked up the phone to crossed messages with someone and you find that you will not answer, and that happens time and still do so, what happens is that you have blocked. But to find out if this is what happens there are various methods that we explain below.

time of last connection, a squealer useful

Time Last Connect

One of the indicators that we have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp is that we can not see the time of your last connection. This time is query by accessing the profile of our contact and appears just under your name. is Should appear something like “Last time” with a date or a time range given.

If this time is not present will not be all lost, because WhatsApp allows you to hide this time of last connection to your contacts. So if we don’t see it, maybe we are blocked or perhaps it is simply that our contact has decided to hide the time of last connection.

There is evidence, but not confirmation, we don’t lose the hope.

The absence of the double-check


WhatsApp installed for quite some time now double check, a last indicator of what state the message that we have sent to a contact. Its operation is quite simple, because to interpret it is as easy as knowing the following:

  • only check: the message has reached the server of WhatsApp.
  • double check: the message is already on the phone from our contact.
  • double check blue: the message has been read.

So that we could send the message to our contact, and that the message never gets to have the double check, which means that you either do not have WhatsApp installed or, much to our regret, that we have been blocked. Different would be that you would double check but never change to blue, as this would mean that you have the message on the phone but not what you have read. Does lack of time or interest? Maybe, but not crash.

And to top it off, their profile picture does not looks


perhaps you have removed, everything is possible, but the profile picture of our contacts is another indicator that we have been blocked. If before I had a profile picture, and now don’t have it, and it appears the classic initial image of WhatsApp indicating that we have not finished setting it up, is that we have been blocked. Yes, perhaps he has removed, or has deleted your account from WhatsApp. The doubts will always be there.

The failing test, the groups


If you want to have proof that a user has blocked you, everything happens for adding a group. One existing, it does not serve that you believe one specifically to do the check or, if you prefer, believe it previously with other users and then have them cast out, leaving the group in white.

The issue is that you can not add users that you have blocked groups. If you try it, you will receive a clear message indicating that you cannot perform that action, that you can not add your contact to a group. It was the confirmation that was needed. The digital, of course. Because if you want to check out in person, pick up the phone and called.

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How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp
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October 16, 2019

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