How to know if you lock in WhatsApp?

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One morning either, as always, you take the phone charger and you realize that for days You do not know that person. Your whatsapp fall on deaf ears and you’re feeling doubt will be blocked in the messaging application WhatsApp push?

Well do not worry, we show several methods with which you can out for sure from your Android smartphone, try to avoid third-party applications for these purposes because in most cases they are little useful applications and following a few simple steps you can have an idea if you have locked or not


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There are various methods to guess if someone has blocked you in the messaging application push most popular of the moment. Although each little icon, tick or evidence separately does not have much meaning, together they might even be considered a solid reason to think that friends wanted to cut relationship unilaterally, at least for WhatsApp.

True WhatsApp has been keen to make difficult this task to the user in order to preserve some degree of privacy of the same. We have seen how features like the last time when he connected it may be disabled, double checks and blue reading did appear, however, if you check these four points separately is likely to have been blocked.

1. Check when last connection

While users can hide it by default, is an element that would denote that have been blocked. In fact, if the other person before appeared with time and gone, one of two, or changed the settings manually or have been blocked. If someone does not know what we are talking at this point, it is that text in the upper part of the conversation, below the person’s name, showing the time last connection of it.

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2. Double check and implications

Another critical points to keep in mind, that alone does not mean locking, and can be one of the most significant evidence. The ticks, checks or simply simbolitos displayed behind each message show the status of sending, receiving and “reading” them.

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  • check only is that the message is sent to the server WhatsApp on your phone
  • second check is that the message has reached the smartphone of your interlocutor
  • The third stage is the transition from gray to blue of those symbols and implies that contact has opened the conversation in which he got the message

In short, if the checks do not pass blue could mean blocking , or simply has not been open conversation.

3. WhatsApp calls

One of the latest additions is the inclusion WhatsApp service voice calls between users. Another indicator that is blocked could sorry that never can be made WhatsApp calls.

Whats calls

4. Profile image

This is the latest indicator that could sorry locked. If your contact had a profile picture and suddenly a different, old appears, and the two ticks do not appear in the messages you send are likely to have been blocked.

 Profile Contacts

Let’s take a step beyond this point, if you have a friend in common with that person, take a look to see if it has the same profile picture and phrase state which will appear to you, otherwise … locking means.

5. And finally … be direct

Asked directly in person to your friends, nothing beats a face to face to see clarify the question, right? Anyway we want to record that although none of the above indications justify a lock on WhatsApp if we met with several: sometimes there are coincidences, but are unlikely

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Have you encountered any of these signs with someone from your contact list? know any other method to reach a coherent conclusion on the blockade by any of your contacts? Do not hesitate to record with community Xatakandroid via our comments

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How to know if you lock in WhatsApp?
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December 13, 2015

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