How to know what apps have your personal information from Facebook and how to revoke the access from the mobile

Facebook Privacy applications

Facebook is going through a crisis quite serious after the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. The company collected millions of personal profiles through a survey of personality which is then used to design campaigns that would have favored the victory of Trump.

The social network stores infinity of personal data, but the real problem is not that, but how it will be managed with third-party applications. We’ve all used apps within Facebook, ranging from games to participation in the sweepstakes, we also use Facebook to sign in to many services, but in many cases, they are apps that you no longer use and still have access to our data. here’s how you can review and delete what apps can see your information Facebook from the app itself.

Check out what apps you can see your data from Facebook

Facebook Privacy apps

to be able To know what apps you’ve given access to your information from Facebook, the first thing you should do is click on the button of three horizontal lines that is located in the upper right corner. The next step is to enter in Settings and Privacy, then click account Settings, and finally Applications.

Within the Applications menu we have several options and each one of them has an effect. Below will explain how to configure each one of them. the Spoiler: get ready to find apps of years ago, of which neither you remember.

1. Logged in with Facebook

Facebook Privacy Apps

The first block is called ‘Logged in with Facebook’ is the more work you give. the Sure that you have used the button ‘login with Facebook’ on a countless number of apps and services,, and it should not surprise us because it saves us having to create a new account, but that’s precisely why you have to check this section from time to time.

In my case I have 122 authorized applications to interact with my account of Facebook, and many of them I have not used in, not months, but years. Why keep giving them access to my information to a service that does not use?

Facebook Privacy Apps

Fortunately, edit or delete the access to our data is very simple. Simply press on the app in question to see what information you have access to. In this case, the app Karmacrazy you can view my public profile, my friends list, manage my company and my pages, and to publish in my name. Curious that the only mandatory option is the public profile, but the rest of the options are checked by default.

Here we have two options: either we uncheck the boxes of the info that we do not want to see the app or directly go to the bottom and click the button ‘Remove application’. I choose to remove it completely if it is an app that you don’t use, but if it is an app that you are using you can limit what information you can see.

2. Platform

Facebook Privacy apps

The second section is called Platform and if we desactivate the result is quite more radical. Here we can not go from application to application, we can only turn it off completely. The result is that we will not be able to log in with Facebook on other services and not be able to interact with us through the apps in question.

If you have a lot of logins associated with Facebook, it is better not to turn off platform, and spend more time editing each app separately from the previous section.

3. Applications that use other people

Facebook Privacy apps

The last section is devoted to the apps that other people use, because yes, when a friend goes into a app and gives you access to your friends list, our data is out there. To avoid that these apps can collect our information, simply make sure all options are unchecked.

With these steps we can know which applications have access to our data from Facebook and much of that information can be seen. If you want to, you can also do this from the computer with this complete guide to Xataka. The good part is that limiting or removing apps is simple, but if you take years of using the social network, and you’ve never done cleaning, you surely have a good time. Cheer up!

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How to know what apps have your personal information from Facebook and how to revoke the access from the mobile
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March 22, 2018

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