How to listen to and configure your daily summary in the Wizard of Google


The Wizard of Google takes you from November of last year speaking in Spanish, but not all of its features were available from the first day of its release. For example, the practical daily summary has been available since a few days ago, in our language.

The daily summary is one of the most practical of the Wizard of Google. With a simple question or greeting, the wizard we inform you that we have planned for today.

In the daily digest, the wizard of Google will tell us in what town we are in, what the weather is, the time it takes to get home or to work, events and reminders stored in Google Calendar, Google Keep, or created from the same wizard.

How to play your daily summary

Daily Summary

in order To listen or view your daily summary so you just have to use some of these voice commands:

  • Ok Google, How is the day?
  • Ok Google, What is waiting for me today?
  • Ok Google, How Are you going to be my day?
  • Ok Google, daily digest
  • Ok Google, My day
  • Ok Google, Hello
  • Ok Google, Good days

Daily Summary

If we do a voice command the wizard will play with your voice, our daily summary. If we invoke the command by the keyboard, the Wizard will show us in the text the summary of our day.

Configure your summary daily

My Day

To configure your summary everyday we have to go to Wizard Google > Settings > My day. There is where we will tell you the Wizard of Google that kind of information we want to hear: if we want our summary to include the time, our travel, events or reminders.

In the Time settings you can select the temperature unit (degrees celsius or degrees Fahrenheit) and the offset setting to tell the direction of our work and home.


finally, we also find a section for configuring news, but that feature only available in the speakers Google Home. This option is for our summary of the day finish playing the news from our sources favorite to radio mode, but for the moment, there are no stations in Spanish are available.

In Xataka Android | The Wizard of Google wants to speak 25 languages to reach 52 countries throughout 2018

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How to listen to and configure your daily summary in the Wizard of Google
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February 20, 2018

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