How to locate a Android mobile using Google Home

How to find an Android phone using Google Home

Surely happened to you that you leave the mobile in some hidden place of your home and then you are not able to find it. You are calling from another mobile or from the landline, but it turns out that what you had in silence and didn’t even hear it vibrate. So, you get to whirl like crazy until you remember that you left it on the kitchen worktop.

This situation based on actual events it can happen to any person and Google had in mind when he designed the voice commands of Google Assistant. If you have a Google Home you can use it to find your device and make it sound like even when you have the mode “do Not disturb” activated. Let’s see how.

OK Google, where is my mobile?

The command to use is “OK Google, where is my mobile?”. For that to work, it is necessary that you use the same Google account on your Google Home and on mobile. In addition, the smartphone will need to have an active connection, be it WiFi or mobile data.

If you meet the requirements, just say the command aloud. Google will detect all phones linked to your Google account and you will ask for what you want that sound. The conversation will be as is:

  • Ok Google, where is my mobile?

  • I See you have several phones. The first is a Nexus 6P, do I call for that sound?

  • Yes.

  • Okay, your phone should already be ringing.

The phone will ring automatically and you will be able to know your location. When I pick up, just tap on any part of the screen for the sound to stop. If you do not have a Google Home, you can always make it sound from the computer using the tool “Find my device”, that you can access from the support web Google.

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How to locate a Android mobile using Google Home
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