How to migrate your conversations when new premieres WhatsApp Android?


Nobody likes losing your messages when you change mobile or when you have to reinstall the application again after a factory reset . That is why WhatsApp periodically performs a back up our chats if for some reason we lose the talks and we want them back.

Backup WhatsApp allows restore all our messages , including images, video, audio and voice notes we have been sharing and receiving . in our chats

Make a backup


To restore our WhatsApp chats first thing we have to make a backup . The latest versions of WhatsApp for Android find local backup and backup on Google Drive .

To make a backup just have to open WhatsApp press the menu and enter Settings> Chats and calls> Backup . There we will find the Save button to create a backup at the time.

The local backup is done automatically every day at 3:00 am. If we are available from a backup in the cloud have to set the copy on Google Drive.

Configure Google Drive copy


To configure the backup in Google Drive first thing we have to do is add our Google account accepting permissions that you request. Once our account is activated and we can only say how often we want the backup done automatically (never, only when I play “Save”, daily, weekly or monthly), if we are to be saved only with Wi-Fi and if we want to include in the copy videos in the cloud. By default, only stores in Drive WhatsApp messages, pictures, audio and voice memos.

Once the Drive Backup Drive turned back on when you press the Save button and we will make a local copy . To do a manual always saved before resetting factory data or change mobile to keep all conversations.

The best option to restore the talks to perform a backup with Google Drive It is the quickest and easiest

Restore WhatsApp with copy Drive


If you have a backup Drive is very easy to restore the talks. After installing WhatsApp and identify with our account number and Google will detect that we have a copy Drive. Click on Reset and recover our messages and files .

WhatsApp Restore manually without copy Drive

If you do not have Back up in Drive first thing we have to do is transfer the folder WhatsApp from your old mobile again. Here we can find to these two situations:

  • If your phone has a external SD card You can remove the card from your old phone and put on the phone new .
  • If your phone has internal memory have to copy the folder WhatsApp / old phone and paste it into the New phone in the root directory of the storage.

With the copy of the folder WhatsApp on our new device application for its activation and detect the backup to restore messages . Retain all conversations, images, video, audio and voice notes to be copied from another device the entire folder.

Folder WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp /
  • WhatsApp / Databases (local backup chats)
  • WhatsApp / Media (media)
  • WhatsApp / Media / Wallpaper (wallpaper)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Audio (audio files)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Calls (history calls)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images (image files)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Profile Photos (archives of our profile photos)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Video (video files)
  • WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voice Notes (voice memo files)


Currently WhatsApp is staggered activating the backup to Google Drive via Google Play, even within a few months will not reach everyone officially. Instead, the version that you can download from if the copy is activated in Drive, which if you do not want to wait we can install version of the website.

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How to migrate your conversations when new premieres WhatsApp Android?
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November 6, 2015

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