How to play (almost) any online video from your Android Chromecast


Chromecast increasingly supports more services and websites officially. It is very versatile but we can not always upload content. For example: there are plenty of streaming video services that do not have a button that allows us to send content to HDMI dongle. Do not worry, there are solutions .

sure many of you do you use online services beyond YouTube, Vimeo and video company. For you, or for anyone who wants to go beyond the limitations that puts Chromecast, there is an application for Android that allow us to open almost any video. There are a few exceptions but I anticipate that all is well covered


Almost any video on your Chromecast

The application that we will present today it is not in Google Play . It is one of those apps that have decided not to jump through hoops to get to Mountain View and other repositories, in this case Apptoide. His name is Vidownload and an application is made in Spain following the design lines of Material Design. Can you download this link.

According opened Vidownload will show a list all video sites that support, in total over 100 reference which cover most services of this type. The operation is very simple, just have to paste a link and select Chromecast we want to pin the content.

When you paste a link and accepts it, we will see appearing several options : play natively on Android, send it to Chromecast, send coded in the air (if the video format is not supported) and download it in our memory. My advice is to always try to play unencrypted load time is somewhat faster.

The application works fine but has some drawbacks . The first and most important: Not all video services are equally well with Chromecast. StreamCloud and AllMyVideos for example are fine but other more minority have a very slow load time making it very frustrating experience.

Another problem is that since there is no native support by Chromecast we have no control Reproduction so, for example, we can not change the volume or pause. For long content such as movies can be a problem but at least it is a pretty practical solution.

Alternatives? Vidownload is actually an application that uniquely function and no identical options. Like, personally I like Videostream that although is focused on video that we see in memory, we can always download content and send it with this application that I comment

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How to play (almost) any online video from your Android Chromecast
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June 24, 2015

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