How to prevent Google Photos eat the free space of your mobile phone

How to prevent Google Photos eat the free space of your mobile

the Google Photos application is a super, but recognize that some essential parts of their operation on the Android does not end up having a lot of sense. As storage usage. So, it is normal that the app comes to occupy more than 1 GB of internal storage, or 10 GB.

Ironically, one of the strong points of Google Photos is that it lets you free disk space making backups of your photos in the cloud, thus being able to delete photos from your phone and free up space. However, the application’s own grow-out time, and you must take the initiative periodically to stop it.

First, free up space


first of all, it never hurts to open Google Photos, go to your settings and touch on Free up space on the device. This will remove the local copies of the photos that have already been stored in the Google cloud, potentially freeing a few megs of space.

however, before you hit the button please note that the backup in “high quality” reduces the size of the photos, so that you’d be without your original copy to a higher quality. If that doesn’t matter to you -or you already have a copy of your photos, or use the backup to original quality – then you press the button without fear.

Then, it deletes the data


Now comes the really stop the growing of continuous Google Photos: clear the data of the application. Unfortunately and to the surprise of many users that look like the app is slowly conquering the space of your mobile phone, there is no official solution to control how much storage you will use the app from Google Photos. The only thing you can do is to erase the data.

in order To do so, the process is the same as always. You need to go to the application information, storage ” section and click on Clear data. This will not delete your photos, that are safe either in your mobile or in the cloud of Google, so that the only thing you will lose is the configuration of the application. And a few hundred megs occupied.

Is a temporary solution, but for now, this is the only possible

The next time you open the Google Photos will be as if the finish of install. You’ll need to re-configure it, but after logging in with your account the process is very fast. What bothers me the most is to accept all of the tips and wizards of information.

of course, the solution is temporary. As you are using Google Photos, it will start to hoard the storage space of your mobile phone. Until Google do not include a limit or a way of controlling this from the app, your only alternative is to delete the data periodically each time that notes that it has crossed a line. It is not the most comfortable way, but it works.

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How to prevent Google Photos eat the free space of your mobile phone
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October 24, 2018

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