How to recover a conversation from WhatsApp if you do not have backup turned

how to recover a conversation from WhatsApp if you do not have enabled the

We have seen how to create backup in WhatsApp both in iOS and ANdroid in which to save all our chats with the corresponding data, even with the stickers favorites. But what happens if we do not have the backup turned on, and we need to recover some of the conversation that we have deleted?

For these cases of emergency continues to exist one solution that many are unaware of and that can draw us in a hurry. A formula to retrieve conversations made in the last seven days and that’s going to require the use of the file browser. Let’s see what are the necessary steps.

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If we need a chat that we have accidentally deleted we have a margin of up to seven days to be able to recover it. And if we have a phone with Android is pretty easy to accomplish, even though we do not have the automatic backups.

To retrieve the chats we must go to the application that our mobile provides browser mode of files. Once inside of the same we must look for a particular file that is located in the path “sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases”.


once you have located we must change the name of the file you want to restore, from msgstore-year-month-day.1.db.crypt12 (year, month and day appear with a date for each day of the week) to msgstore.db.crypt12. And here it is very important not to modify the number of the extension “.crypt12” (without the quotation marks).


it May be that we already have the file “msgstore-year-month-day.1.db.crypt12”, in which case it will be necessary before changing the name to remove to avoid problems with nomenclature.

Once modified this file we exit the file browser and desinstalamos WhatsApp our phone to then re-install it from the Google Play Store. We started the application and when in the process of setting offers us the possibility of “Restore” click on the same and is charged conversations old of the application.

Remember that it is a trick to retrieve conversations with up to seven days old always and when we don’t have activated the automatic backup in our account of WhatsApp.

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How to recover a conversation from WhatsApp if you do not have backup turned
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