How to remove the odious notifications with red dots on Facebook

All the social networks have aspects that bother you. In Facebook refers to the margins of concern when one addresses the issue of data and privacy, the hassle usually arise through notifications in the form of the happy red dots. Your cluster and to see that appear in several icons you can get to saturate and/or stress.

If you are a club containing occasional, you should know that it is easy to minimize the problem.

We will specify the steps, from the app to mobile Facebook. Except for some matters of arrangement of elements on the screen, the path is similar on iOS and Android. In the first place, if not you have resigned to park your profile for a period of time (the red points generate side effects various), go to menu (the icon of three horizontal lines) and search for ‘Settings and privacy’.

then, enter ” Settings’. Then include setting options relating to the account, the security, the privacy, of your information from Facebook or the ads. Just below these comes the section ‘Notifications’, within which it is pressed in ‘reporting Points’.

In this way you can read “edit the preferences to display points of notification on shortcuts”. Bingo. If we have entered, we check that, for example, the red points are enabled in ‘Profile’ and ‘Groups’. Now you just have to invest the preset, and ready.

If the time we repent and even long for the red dots, we can always swipe in the opposite direction and the undo the deactivation.

Android offers a fast track: after you perform a long press on one of the icons of the shortcuts bar, in the pop-up window as can be determined if there are points of notification are activated. This solution express does not appear in iOS, which only allows you to delete some shortcuts.

Also, it is worth mentioning that, in ‘Notifications’, on ‘notification Settings’ you have the possibility to set which notifications we want to receive (and where). However, Facebook reported in its help service that there is no option to turn off all notifications. Despite the circumstances, the steps taken make it possible to minimize their impact…

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How to remove the odious notifications with red dots on Facebook
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February 2, 2020

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