How to restart Android in safe mode and what is it

How to restart Android in safe mode and what is it used for

Also available on other operating systems Windows, the safe mode Android brings us from the era of Jelly Bean, despite being virtually unknown because usually there is a button visible to turn it on without more.

So if you have curiosity to know what exactly is safe mode in Android, as if you inadvertently and you want to know what happens to your mobile phone and how to get back to normal, you’ll find answers here.

What is safe mode on Android


The main issue with safe mode is its name, which can lead to confusion. Are you sure in what sense? The concept is perhaps easier to understand if we rescued the trunk of the memories how it was Windows a few years ago, the safe mode.

safe mode loads a basic: only the pre-installed apps

Basically, it is a mode by which the system is only load the system and applications pre-installed, leaving it inaccessible to any other application that has been installed by the user. This mode is easily recognizable, because it displays a watermark superimposed on the bottom announcing that the safe mode is enabled.

what is the safe mode of Android

Modoseguro safe mode Samsung puts the apps user in gray. In Android pure simply do not appear

The main utility of the safe mode is diagnostic errors. When you turn off the stroke of a pen all of the apps installed by the user, can know if the problem you are having with your phone is caused by an application or not. This can range from the mobile it will be very slow as you forgotten the lock pattern / password of a third-party app.

by itself, safe mode does not solve anything, but removes factors so that you can determine who is causing the error, and, with luck, you can fix by uninstalling the application in a timely manner. Note: although from safe mode you can not open applications, yes you can uninstall them.

So, imagine that you have installed by mistake a malicious application that puts the entire screen in white so you can’t do anything. You could restart in safe mode and uninstall it from there.

How to restart Android in safe mode

Restart your mobile in safe mode is very easy. First, you have to press the power button of the mobile to open the shutdown menu. In he, do a long press on ‘turn Off’. Eye, that to be prolonged, if not the terminal is powered off and ended. If all has gone well, a window appears in which you must press Ok.


After this, the system is restarted and, when you return, it will do so in safe mode, easily recognizable by the text at the bottom. If you use a launcher other than the standard, it will use the default when you restart.

disable safe mode you do not need to do so many steps, but with a reset to normal, you better. The next time you reboot, the system will be in normal mode, with all applications accessible.

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How to restart Android in safe mode and what is it
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April 3, 2019

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