How to set the new Parental Controls Google Play

Now Google Play it is easier to find content for the whole family with its new sección Family and categories, with which more easily find applications, games and suitable for consumption by smaller house movies. The contents suitable for the whole family and children aged between 0 and 12 years will show the star logo family.

This new section Family Google Play is accompanied with a new parental control to offer parents greater control over the content their children can eat from their mobile devices


Parental Controls Google Play

parental control allows us to very easily restrict the content which can be downloaded or purchased through Google Play. To do this we just need to go to Settings> Parental Controls

Google Play Parental Controls

To limit the content first thing Google Play asks us to create a PIN four digit that will help us that only we can set filters for each type of content. But yes, if you delete data from Google Play your PIN and all settings will be erased

Google Play Parental Controls

Once a PIN already and we can choose the classification of content for applications and games, to movies and restrict music marked as explicit. Applications and games now use the clasificación PEGI .

Now set the parental control and Google Play will stop displaying the content we have restricted to show only applications, games, movies and music for the age rating that have marked . If we try to install an application or game through its Google Play link you will inform not you can download for limiting parental controls.

Google Play Parental Controls

Thanks to parental control of Google Play we will ensure that children will install content on their devices that are suitable for their age, and will not see content that is inappropriate. Of course, keep in mind that parental control will not affect the applications that had already installed before

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How to set the new Parental Controls Google Play
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June 8, 2015

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