How to set up your family calendar in Google Calendar

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The family group from Google Play now not only serves to share apps, games and movies that we have purchased with up to five family members, now also serves to share our photos, videos, events and notes with our family of a much more simple and quick.

After several days of waiting, the integration of the family group with Google Calendar is already here. Since we now have a new family calendar to share our events with our family.

Create a family group

Register Family

in order To enjoy this family calendar in Google Calendar first of all is to be registered in a family group. To do this we only have to create a collection family from the application Play Store > Account > Family and add a total of six members. is Important: we can only change family group every 12 months. We may also ask a family member that we add to your household if you do not want to be us, the admins.

Your family calendar


once we are in a family group the application Google Calendar we will create the calendar Family, so that the members can share there on that calendar your events and plans with your family. In this way so that we know that you will do each family this day, and better organize the events in a family.

Share your family calendar


To share an event with your family so you only have to select the calendar “Family” at the time of creating the event. Once you have created the event any member of our family group you will see our event in your calendar.

Set up your family calendar


From the Settings > Family we can configure the synchronization, the color, the notifications and the members of our family calendar. To hide the family calendar so you just need to open the navigation pane of the application and uncheck the calendar “Family”.

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How to set up your family calendar in Google Calendar
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June 5, 2017

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