How to set up your privacy on WhatsApp

Whatsapp Privacy

there are Still many people who still do not know the privacy settings from WhatsApp and start to use the messaging service without the worry of knowing that information you are sharing with other users.

By default, any user of WhatsApp you can see our profile picture, status, time of last connection, and our read receipts, but fortunately this can be changed to adjust our privacy to control what and who can see each one of this information.

privacy settings

Whatsapp Privacy

To adjust the privacy of our account on WhatsApp so you only need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy. There you find four settings to configure the privacy of the time of last connection, our profile picture, our state and the confirmations of the readings, in addition to being able to block contacts so they can’t see anything or send messages.

Whatsapp Privacy

For the options of Time last. time, profile Photo and Status you can choose to have this information to see any user of WhatsApp, only our contacts or that you can’t see anyone.

  • All: All the users of WhatsApp can view the time of your last login, your profile photo and/or your state.
  • My contacts: Only the contacts in your address book you can see the time of your last login, your profile photo and/or your state.
  • No: The time of your last connection, profile picture and status will not be visible to anyone.

Time of your last login

Whatsapp Privacy

To disable the time of last time you will need to select No one. So no one will see what time was your last connection in WhatsApp. Yes, also stop to view the time of last login of your contacts. Another detail to take into account is that it is impossible to hide the state online, so that the contacts will only be able to know if they are online or not, but never when was the last time you logged in WhatsApp.

Confirmation of reading (the double check blue)

Whatsapp Privacy

If you don’t want your contacts to know that you’ve read their messages, then you’ll have to disable the read receipts:, so that gone will be the double check blue.Your contacts will not see when you read their messages and you do not see when your contacts read your messages. Here you have to keep in mind that if you send a voice note it will always mark as read once the play despite the fact that you have turned off read receipts. In groups there will always be confirmations of reading.

Status and profile photo

As I informed before, by default WhatsApp shows your profile photo and status to any user of WhatsApp that has your phone number. If you don’t want anyone to be able to see your photo and status you then have to select show only this information to your contacts.

Contacts blocked

contacts blocked in addition to not be able to send messages, nor we to them, nor will be able to see our profile picture, status, or time of last connection. Not be able to see anything.

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How to set up your privacy on WhatsApp
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October 10, 2016

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