How to take care of the mobile phones during the summer

For many, the vacation summer are just around the corner and, although it is a season intended to disconnect from work and routine, the majority of the people follow using quite your mobile phones.

indeed, the 80% of the Spanish happens during the holidays about two and a half hours with the mobile each day, according to a survey conducted by

When using the phones during the summer vacation, users should consider a series of recommendations to care for your devices, as pointed out by the company Back Market.

just like people, the mobile phone can also be affected by the high temperatures, and during the summer, the heat becomes one of the biggest enemies of electronic devices.

therefore, the users should avoid direct exposure to the sun, since mobile phones can get too heated and end up running worse.

however, keep your phone in a backpack or a bag that is exposed to the sun, is not a solution, since the effect will be the same as if the device is exposed directly. In this sense, users must save your phones in a place with shade and even recommended that you keep it off.

For temperature control of devices there are some apps aimed to, that alert users when the phone is too hot, although there are also many mobile phones which have their own function of temperature control.

In many instances, users carry their mobile phones to the beach and keep in mind that others of the worst enemies of the mobile devices are the sunscreen, the sand beach, the water and moisture.

To avoid the phone to the accumulation of moisture, do not soak and do not leave cream, the users should ensure that the hands are completely dry when you take your phone.

in Addition, if the screen of the phone ends up having to sand the best solution to get rid of it is blowing the grains of sand or give it a few strokes it gently with a cloth without rubbing the screen, preventing it from scattering.

so as not To damage the electronic components inside, it is recommended that users turn off the device and remove all the grains of sand blowing in the openings exterior.

In case the phone fall in the water, the best solution is to turn it off immediately, remove the battery, SIM card and SD card and dried as much as possible.

After it is also recommended that the users buried for two or three days, the device in rice, or in bags of silica gel inside an airtight bag.

Other tips to keep in mind during the summer is avoid charging the phone when battery and not to use them while they are connected to the current, as well as the long periods of load can affect its functionality.

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How to take care of the mobile phones during the summer
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August 2, 2020

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