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When you buy a new Android smartphone have to look in the frequency bands used this . When we buy a Chinese mobile this problem is of increased importance. We will make a review of the different frequency bands so that you may know if your new mobile Android is compatible with 3G, 4G and LTE networks.

The frequency bands are basically the electromagnetic spectrum used by operators to provide our data connection. Over the years it has improved communication standard up to what we have now; side for HSPA + that allows us to unburden data with speeds up to 42Mbps and other LTE Advanced to be able to reach up to 1Gbps and shares the same frequencies as the Current LTE.

use, function and meaning of LTE bands

However, connectivity is not always on the same channel. Some operators choose to offer their services at a frequency and others in another, this coupled with not all smartphones offer compatibility with all frequencies , generates considerable uncertainty.

Let’s try to clarify a bit what each one of the frequencies used and where they are used. We have from 700MHz up to 3500MHz, all used in different countries, some to 3G, others for LTE, a widely used very concrete and other countries. Fortunately, most current Android phones support the frequency bands used more , but we point out that the fact of being compatible with a band does not mean that you have access to this LTE.

700 MHz bands (LTE Band 12)

The lower frequency band is surely the least we want. T-Mobile Verizon bought three billion dollars a strip of this spectrum to use LTE. As we see, this is Fringe used by most U.S. operators to offer LTE.

Both AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon offer their services in 700MHz. It is also a band used by some South American countries like Peru (Movistar), Ecuador and Mexico .

lte-hspa +

800 MHz Band (LTE Band 20)

The 800MHz band has been used until recently to issue the TDT and other television programs. However this 2014 has begun to be used for LTE 4G in Spain , hand Movistar and Vodafone.

The two major Spanish companies have hired 2030 this wavelength range and is ideal for having a good coverage. The band LTE Band 20 is also commonly used in other European countries, although as we will see the band 2600 is preferred.

Some alternative bands of similar rank are LTE Band 5 to 850MHz, used for LTE in Korea and Israel (but not in Spain) and LTE 800MHz Band 6 also for LTE in Japan. In North America, operator Sprint is responsible for using this frequency counterpart of competence using the 700MHz band.

900 MHz Band (LTE Band 8)

This frequency has been used historically to provide GSM services. Thanks to its good propagation was used for 3G, but due to the changes caused by the increase in LTE, currently used to provide 2G mostly in Spain. As the Chinese phones only support this frequency can not access 3G LTE and will only in those areas has not yet been removed, therefore not recommend using this channel to use 3G.


Band 1700 MHz (LTE Band 4)

We have one of the most complex bands. LTE Band 4, also known as AWS, serving both 1700MHz and 2100MHz, one for upload and one for download.

This band is not used in Europe . Being relegated to North America, where it is used mainly in Canada LTE, T-Mobile, Telcel Mexico. Other countries are also used Colombia through Avantel, Tigo and Movistar operators Ecuador and Peru .

Band 1800 MHz (LTE Band 3)

We are facing another major 4G LTE bands in Spain. This band is the third in popularity in Europe (behind the 800MHz and 2600MHz). Mainly used for 2G connectivity, but many operators are taking advantage of it to offer LTE , including Orange and Yoigo . In particular the latter are the only band that used to offer LTE in Spain.


1800MHz band is also used in Australia , UK, Finland, Germany , Poland, Singapore and South Korea . In Latin America, in Venezuela Digitel to bet on this frequency, but it is rare.

Band 2100 MHz (LTE Band 1)

Most Spanish operators using LTE Band 1, but today is intended 3G Network only. Sites like Japan (NTT DoCoMo) , South Korea and Israel itself is used to offer LTE.

Band 2300 MHz (LTE Band 40)

This is probably the band that most readers of this blog will not use. This is a very unusual band in Europe, is also not used in Latin America. Is the frequency used by China Mobile. is also used Nigeria or Australia.

Band 2600 MHz (LTE Band 7)

Finally got one of the most important. LTE Band 7 to 2.6 GHz mainly used to provide mobile connectivity fourth generation 4G in most European countries . Movistar, Orange and Vodafone offer the important connection of LTE on this frequency, mainly used in those places high density and traffic demand.

Jazztel, ONO, Telecable, R, Euskaltel also have the ability to offer 4G at this frequency.  cover-operators

In Colombia LTE is offered by Clear, directy and UNE. While Chile is also frequently used to provide 4G. We are facing a mandatory frequency for any European Android phone. And the 2600MHz frequency is precisely what Americans often lack terminals.

Band 3500 MHz (LTE Band 42)

The last frequency is not exactly a regular on the LTE. This is a very specific frequency not used by operators, but by the WiMAX technology (IEEE 802.16).

What is the frequency band used in your mobile?

hope we have been of help to those who have doubts about frequency bands used in the mobile phone market and 3G and LTE connectivity.

comments about the availability in your country are welcome any additional information will be included to make this a little more complete information about mobile frequency bands directory.

More Wikipedia info: Operators | LTE (EN)

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How to tell if a Chinese Android mobile network will support my country
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April 20, 2014

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