How to transfer your RSS feeds from Google Reader to Feedly Cloud


Feedly How to transfer your RSS feeds to Google Reader Feedly Cloud

Five days to the end of the world Google Reader and migration and are starting to be made from the famous Google service did other RSS feed Feedly way as Cloud to be able to use the same applications as Feedly with excellent visual interface or the more simple and fast gReader.

I explain below steps that to migrate your sources for use from today on Feedly or verily gReader. Of the two best options in order to continue receiving all information as you had before.

rather simple steps generally , before going on to explain very detailed, clean and tidy your list of Google Reader to save a file OPML / XML all your RSS feeds and how they are ordered. This first step is the most important thing to take because then the next will depend on your choice to use if Feedly or gReader to read your RSS.

First orders and export your Google Reader

g reader 01 How to transfer your RSS feeds from Google Reader Feedly Cloud

ready to create the backup of all your sources

Feedly has given a solution to import the data of Google Reader, simply asking for access to your email address and information Reader. For I will have to have everything well organized prior to migration.

Wherefore after placing everything as we want, or delete folders sorted ancient sources, you have to go to Web configuration from Google Reader and then select “Google Reader Settings”, here you will see a new view where you have all tabs with the options, choose “Import / Export”. Now we have to press on “Download your data through Takeout”, emerging a mini window in red with information such as the estimated number of files and size. Press “Create file” and start copying your data from all your sources in that file created that verily you can download.

Thus we have everything in that file saved , of Feedly currently does not support OPML files / XML, but still, you can use other services.

Using Feedly as an RSS reader

Feedly 01 How to transfer your RSS feeds from Google Reader to Feedly Cloud

In Feedly mobile application, select” Import your Google Reader “

From now you can select which reader you want to use, or Feedly gReader , either works perfectly with Feedly Cloud, and we depend on you.

As simple as visiting the website I quickly ask if you want to use a Google account to use RSS or simply your own account you may have already Feedly. Here Iniciais in with your Google , and immediately Feedly start updating the service for all your RSS feeds appear with their folders in the same way you had in Google Reader.

The same applies to the mobile version of Feedly to sharecroppers three options where you have to choose “Import from your Google Reader”.

Using gReader as your RSS reader

 gReader 01 How to transfer your RSS feeds from Google Reader to Feedly Cloud

In gReader “Feedly Cloud Service”

gReader is an excellent application which has a free version and a paid Pro where there are no commercials. Not have the same visual excellence Feedly, but instead has a simpler interface that makes application faster and with more data to be provided. As I said before, it depends on your own tastes.

Feedly gReader used Cloud platform and is as simple as installing any of the two versions, and the Home screen will appear for logging options with your gmail accounts, we have to skip step and go directly to the “Connect with another account”, where will the tab “Feedly Cloud Service” which you have to press, appearing a window for iniciéis login with Google to allow all your data read Reader.

After being synchronized will all your RSS feeds, and that from now through Feedly updated Cloud , ignoring Google Reader.

Anyway you can have installed both applications and Cloud Feedly is vital since there taking your sources synchronized, you can use gReader or more applications to use their platform.

Well, prepared perfectly so you do not take the bull before This July 1 Google Reader service disappears.

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How to transfer your RSS feeds from Google Reader to Feedly Cloud
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June 25, 2013

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