How to tune DAZN on the tv to watch streaming the King’s Cup 2020

The Copa del Rey has been included in this issue is a novelty that some you has meant more of a headache: the broadcast of the matches via the platform of streaming DAZN.

quick Overview: DAZN is a streaming platform –as a ‘Netflix sports‘- which can be purchased for $ 9.99 / month or 99,99 € per year, although as they do in the other platforms the first month is free.

How you can see the Copa del Rey in DAZN? Basically you’ll be able to see the games in all the devices that could be connected to Internet: tablets,

smartphones, computers, is consoles or smart tvs -also in tvs normal to connect your device with the Internet.

If you use tablet, or phone, watching the games is very simple because you only have to download the app official -free both at iOS as Android– and have access to your account. The same if you see them on the computer: simply go to the web page of the platform and enter with your user and password.

But in sports the king is not only the football, what is also on the tv… and here is complicated a little bit the thing. There are several ways to view your favourite match on a tv and you tell them in this article.

If you have tvs with the Android operating systems TV, TizenOS (Samsung), WebOS (LG) and Panasonic Smart TV, this is the easiest way to see the games: look for the official application of the platform in the application store the operating system on your tv. Once installed, just go and login to your account.

Quiet, you’ll see real football and not the FIFA. DAZN is available on consoles PlayStation 3, is PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One’s and Xbox One X. that Is to say, that in your applications menu you’ll find a specific application of DAZN. Only you have to identify yourself with username and password and you can navigate the platform from your console in your tv.

Send content that you want to see -the parties in this case- through your application on your phone or tablet to your Chromecast connected to the tv. You can also send content from the web if you are using Google Chrome as your browser. Eye! Make sure you’re using the same connection WiFi on your phone, tablet or computer on Chromecast for it to work.

The platform-sport of streaming also has an official app for Apple TV. Just download it from the app store of your device and login with your username and password.

Fire TV Amazon the process is very similar to the Apple TV: looking for DAZN within this service, login with your credentials and start enjoying the content. So easy.

If all of these technologies are still you, escape to, or have not come to you, you can always use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your tv. You will see on the screen the same thing you see on the computer, so that the shape of sail will be the same as if you saw the game on the PC.

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How to tune DAZN on the tv to watch streaming the King’s Cup 2020
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January 23, 2020

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