How to turn off location history and prevent Google from storing our location

How to turn off location history and prevent Google from storing our location

One of the things that you have to keep in mind with phones today is that they know where we are in each moment, and that means you also know that they have built and those who have created the software that we use every time we unlock the screen. But this can be avoided to some extent or, at the very least, make it somewhat more difficult to account.

The mobile phones lead GPS and we can avoid that our location is go tracking without the need of disconnecting them, you just have to disable what Google called “location History” and that is not another thing that the listing of registered sites by where we’re passing. This can be done in two ways: through the app of Google Maps and the own Google account. Let’s look at the two steps.

turn Off location history in Google Maps


Having an Android phone in your hands, what’s more normal is that you have the app of Google Maps installed, it is part of the Google Mobile Services that Mountain View’s installed on practically every phone that goes on sale. So if you have one to hand, you can use it to clear the history of locations.

To do this you have to do is open Google Maps and scroll down on the left for access to the “Your timeline”. Once inside, we looked for the three vertical dots in the upper right and click on Settings and Privacy. Only there we will have to look location Settings. We will now have several options.

Clear the history of notifications via Google Maps Off notification history via Google Maps

The first is the indicator of what the state is our location automatically. Pressing on it can activate it or deactivate it to our phone to stop collecting these data. What interests us is, however, in the second place: “location history is enabled”. There we will be able to enter and turn it off with a couple of taps. Subsequently, if you wish, we can make use of the third option which is to Delete all the location history.

Can clear the history, delete it altogether, to remove only some parts, or schedule that is clear by itself

There is a fourth interesting option that allows us to delete stripes concrete our movements from the registry. Receives the name of “Erase a period of location history” and be able to decide what strip to remove without affecting the rest of the record. Finally, you can activate the automatic deletion. So, we can keep the story active and it will lighten from time to time as specified by us.

So, remember:

Google Maps > Your timeline > Settings & Privacy > location history is turned on > Switch off

turn Off location history from your Google account

Disable the history of notifications through the app of Google Clear the history of notifications through the app of Google

If you wish, or if we do not have Google Maps installed on our phone for some reason, we can resort to the app from Google to carry out the same process. Simply locate one of our installed applications, open it and follow the following steps.

With the app Google open, click on the top right corner on our photo to open the options, there will appear a button called “managing your Google account” and you press it. This will open a floating window of the browser with the settings of our account. Glide to the left to jump from tab to tab until you reach “Data and personalization“.

With these steps we arrive at the same paragraph of a History of Locations from Maps

here and There we find a section devoted to “location History” (the same to which we can access from Google Maps), in the Controls section of your account’s activity. We’ll just access and click on the blue switch to turn off the history. As we will see, Google tells us that this record is only paused, and that we can activate it again whenever we want. Just press on Pause and ready.


App from Google > profile Picture > managing your Google account > Tab Data and personalization > location History > Switch off

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How to turn off location history and prevent Google from storing our location
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