How to turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone quickly with the volume buttons

How to turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone quickly with the volume buttons

There is a simple way to accelerate the ignition of the linterna your phone: by simultaneously pressing the two volume buttons. To do this you need an application as useful as Torchie: once installed you will have light almost instantly. And you can heavily customize its operation.

Turn on the flashlight on your phone is an action that can save you a lot of problems, especially when it is night and there is no other lighting nearby. I usually just turn on the phone, deploy the notification area, and click on the icon quick flashlight, although there are ways to accelerate the process, such as by an action of the volume buttons. Do you want to customize yours? It really is simple with Torchie: you install the app and light up the flashlight in tenths of a second.

turn Off and turn on the flashlight with the two buttons

Torchie Turn on Flashlight Volume

There are mobile devices that include quick ways to turn on the flashlight of the phone, as is the case of the Motorola and his gesture of the wrist. And have the option of anchoring the switch to the volume buttons is very practical, since that these buttons are always accessible, is the screen on or off. And imagine how comfortable it is to activate the light with the simple gesture of pressing the two volume buttons, as proposed by Torchie.

The app that we recommend is an open source application (version 2 of the GNU General Public License), can be downloaded from F-Droid and is also available in the Google Play Store. It is clean and only asks for permissions to accessibility, a mandatory requirement for access to the hardware of the phone with the screen turned off. And poses no mystery whatsoever, you just need to do the following to have the flashlight to hit volume button:

  • once installed Torchie activates the service by clicking on ‘Functions of Torchie’. You need to give access to the accessibility tools, the application itself opens you up to the menu.
  • once you have des permissions of accessibility Torchie will be list: press both volume buttons and the flashlight will turn on; press it again and the light goes off. Remember, it is just a push of both buttons, you should not keep them tight.
  • you Can configure the application by entering in the three upper points of the menu, in ‘Settings’.
  • By default, the flashlight will run with the screen turned on and also off. In addition, it is advisable to select ‘Proximity sense‘, so that the light is not active if the mobile phone is in the pocket, for example.

Torchie has no more, no less-provides a comfortable functionality to turn the flashlight on does not require any interaction with the screen. Works very well, does not involve risks, and the battery consumption is minimal, at least according to our tests. In addition, Torchie is a free application and does not include ads.



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How to turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone quickly with the volume buttons
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April 20, 2020

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