How to use Google translator without having the application installed

How to use Google translator without having the application installed

among all the services that it has provided Google from over ten years ago, few are so useful as his translator. Because, who has not sought some time so that says a page of the Internet what’s behind the words in chinese of a label, or what it means to a poster in English when we are abroad? Google translator, or Google Translate, is an indispensable tool. And the best thing is that it comes already integrated in Android.

As you well know, the Google translator is also an Android app. This app works wonders to perform live translation or to know what it says any text in dozens of languages, but you may not need to have it installed, or, something that can also happen, you don’t have space to download it. Well: we teach you to use the most of their virtues without any specific installation.

Google Lens brings the translator built-in

Google translate

The Google search engine, an app that comes preinstalled on most Android devices (at least as long as these they are certified by the company), includes many services, such as Google Lens. Do you want to know what buildings you have in front? Simply take a picture and Lens you tell. In addition, it allows you to translate any text around you, you can even translate a web page.

Google Lens serves to identify objects, to translate texts and also to copy

Google Lens is a service that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks Google for identify elements in the images. As what we want it to work as a translator, you only need to do the following to switch to your language the words are written in another language:

  • Open Google Assistant by pressing and holding the Home button, saying “Ok, Google” or by clicking on its shortcut, if you have installed.
  • Stop listening to voice by clicking on the icon of the colored dots (down the center) and click on the square with the point, the icon that is located to the left of the phone: is Google Lens. In addition, you can install a direct access to the own Lens to open it without running before Google Assistant.
  • once in Lens, you’ll see that it opens you up to the camera and appear some icons at the bottom. You should start the Google translator, the icon on the left.
  • Now you just have to point to any text that you have in front: Lens you translate it to your language (you can choose it in the top or leave it auto).
  • In the case that you want to translate a text that you already had in the gallery, or a web page, you just have to turn up the photo Lens clicking on the icon of the corresponding image, above right. Lens will automatically detect the text and translate it.

this way you translate any text without the need of having installed the Google translator. Now, you can’t manually enter the words to translate (unless you write them on a piece of paper and take a photo), but for that, there is another simple solution.

direct Access to the page of the translator

Google translate

what do You want to write the words to translate and not translate to your language the texts already written? You can create a shortcut to the Google Translate: this way you will only need a click on the icon to enter directly into the translator. You can do it like this:

  • Opens the page of Google translator on your phone.
  • Go in the menu of your web browser and find the option “Add to home screen”.
  • Accepts and you’ll have the shortcut on your desktop.

Now simply click on the icon on the desktop to access the web version of the translator. In this way, and with the previous Lens, covering most of the needs without installing anything on your phone: everything comes standard. Yes, it has a couple of drawbacks: you need Internet connection and you can’t translate using your voice. In the event that you need to cover these problems, there is no more remedy that install the application.

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How to use Google translator without having the application installed
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December 1, 2019

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