How to use your Gmail account with the application of Yahoo?


Gradually, the Internet giants have realized one thing: users do not want to install an application for each email service. The last to know Yahoo !, which has been finally includes sync Gmail in its renovated Android mail client.

Although Yahoo! Mail and included support para third party accounts Hotmail, Outlook and AOL since October, he lacked the big fish, Gmail. Until now. Yes, still still need to have a Yahoo account that is what makes primary account on which you can add other


First, a Yahoo!

First of all, as you may have noticed if you just installed Yahoo! Mail application for the first time, you need a Yahoo !. Without it you can not even get past the first screen of the application. After logging in you can now open the Options menu with the button accordion or dragging to the right.

In the menu, tap “Add another mailbox” under your Yahoo!.

Gmail account on Yahoo

In the dropdown you’ll see mail services that can be managed from the application of Yahoo !, with Google in second place. After pressing need to enter your email address from Gmail and log in with your account, in addition to allow access .

Finally, expect

process is fairly quick and simple, and you can repeat as many times as Gmail accounts you want to include. The main problem is the synchronization itself, that is not immediate . After adding your Gmail account is listed as pending sync for an indefinite period, without any indication of when it will be available.

It is possible that this delay in timing is a specific problem of Yahoo! Mail, but certainly enough grace takes away the whole thing. I would much grateful that at least include some text indicating what is happening or why the other accounts are not yet synchronized

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How to use your Gmail account with the application of Yahoo?
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