How to view saved passwords on Android

How to view saved passwords on Android

Surely you have noticed any time when you log in to a website or a platform through Google Chrome, the browser asks if you want it to remember the password. This is called Google’s Smart Lock and, basically, it’s a vault with all your credentials are stored securely in your Google account.

Google’s Smart Lock is not a service exclusive to PC, but that it syncs with Android devices where you’re logged in with that account. In a few words, if you save a password in Google Chrome on your PC, that password is synchronized with your mobile so that you can use in apps and websites. That means that you can access and manage all of your credentials directly from the mobile phone.

How to manage your passwords in Android


Google has its own section in the settings of all Android phones sold outside of China. In that section is all related to Android Auto, connected apps, Google Pay, Google Assistant and, of course, the passwords. The route is the following:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Do scroll down and search for “Google”.
  3. In this new window, go down and search for “Smart Lock for passwords.”
  4. There you will see a section called “saved Passwords” that you will be redirected to this link.

In particular, this link leads us to the vault of passwords that we were talking about before. In it you’ll be able to see each and every one of the sites whose credentials you have saved. Click on the you want to manage. Surely you have log in to your Google account once again, so enter the password when prompted.

Once inside you will be able to view the email and the password, copy both data to the clipboard, edit or delete the entry so that Google will not remember it. What is the advantage of having the account saved in Smart Lock? That Google can log in for you on multiple services.

Google 2

Netflix or Spotify, for example, are two of them. If you use Netflix or Spotify in Google Chrome for PC and save the password, when you download the apps on Android, Google’s Smart Lock you will show a blue tab asking if you want to sign in with those credentials.

Now, if you do not want Google to save your passwords, you must simply go to “Settings” > “Google” > “Smart Lock password” and uncheck the box for “Smart Lock for passwords”. That way, the next time that you log in a website or app does not ask you if you want to save the credentials. This can be useful if, for example, you prefer to use a password manager alternative.

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How to view saved passwords on Android
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July 5, 2019

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