How to view Wifi password stored on an Android smartphone

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for a time we depend on the internet for many of the everyday tasks that we carry out, whether to do with work or leisure, even to communicate with our contacts we need on many occasions in this connection. Our dear Wifi has been a lifesaver for our data rates.

But from time to time, for any reason, we need access to the password of our Wifi, either to give to a guest or to enter it on another device and we don’t have it to hand. For these cases, we’re going to explain a couple of methods that may help you to see the password of your conecxión Wifi that you have stored on your smartphone, but be warned that it is necessary to have root access.

Using applications from Google Play

Google Play

Google Play, as it can not be otherwise, we always can provide you with the tools you need for our purposes, even for access to portions of the software for our phone that are usually hidden. The password of our Wifi are not an exception, so here we leave you a couple of examples with a little explanation of how they work.

Before anything, we have to warn that these applications do not reveal the passwords of Wifi networks to which you are not connected previously with your phone, or the ‘cracks’. That said, now let’s get a couple of good examples of applications that allow you to see the Wifi password that you have saved.

WiFi Key Recovery

Wifi Key Recovery

WiFi Key Recovery is an application extremely simple, all you need to do after install is to run it, give permission root and ready. It will show the name of the networks that you have saved, the password (psk) and the protocol of protection of the same. If you click on one of the networks, you’ll be able to copy the password, all data on the network, or generate a QR code for another person to scan and quickly access.

If you press the menu button (in my case I was in the navigation bar), you’ll be able to export all the data from the networks, or the part you want, to your sd card or share it with your contacts.

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

WiFi Password Recovery Pro

Wifi Pass Recovery 1

like the previous app, WiFi Password Recovery Pro is very simple, although in this case it won’t ask you to give permissions to the root automatically, but you need to do it to hand in the button blue that appears in the main screen of the application. In this case, you will have three tabs, the saved networks, which detects your surroundings and other suggestions of apps (advertising). Only in the networks that you have saved you will be able to see the passwords.

In every network you will have a button to directly share that, when pressed, you can copy password to the clipboard, share it with a friend or generate a QR code. In the bottom right there is a floating button that makes, immediately, a copy of security of the networks that you have saved in the account that you want.

Wifi Pass Recovery 2

If you have made a backup, you can recover it by clicking on the button of the menu in the upper-right corner and tap on ‘Backed Up WiFi’. When you want to, you can also log out of your Google account in this app for if you want to save the networks in another, for example.

WiFi Password Recovery Pro

WiFi Password Recovery Pro

These are just two examples that I have been able to personally test and work in perfection, but there are a few more applications with the same functionality in Google Play, the here described I have found to be the best and most simple to use.

Using a file browser

Explorer 1

If you do not want to download third party applications to view the passwords of Wifi networks and you have root access, you can use a file browser, yes, allowed to go to the system folders. In my case, for this purpose, I used Root Browser, because despite having tried ES Explorer and the of CM, none has shown me the folders that I needed.

once you have granted the permissions to root to your file browser, you just have to locate the file ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ (without the quotation marks), which is located in the path ‘data/misc/wifi’. When you have, open it with a text editor (can be the one you use the browser or an external one, does not matter).


once executed, you will see information of your terminal, including the networks that you have saved, with your password and security protocol. From here you can decide if you want to copy any part of the text or write it down on any side, but at least you’ll know where to go. Although this method is a little more complicated than the previous one, is just as effective.

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How to view Wifi password stored on an Android smartphone
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April 13, 2017

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