How too many gifts of Kings? Give away what you are not going to use it with the app ‘Gratix’

It is sad but it is true: we consume at a rate absurdly frantic. It’s day 7 of January and the streets are filled with boxes and wrappings of a gift, and however many of these products are doomed to stay in a drawer or in a wardrobe almost brand new. Forever.While it would be appropriate that we commence to buy with a little less enthusiasm, and that we become all a little less consumerist, it seems unlikely that change the tide. So, at least, we’re going to try to make better use of resources.With that idea, is born ‘Gratix’, the app in which neither purchases nor sell, give away the things that you no longer need and others yes. “Will give them a second life and make someone happy”, they cry out from the application. And for you the same thing: you just want what you want, why buy it if someone can give?‘Gratix’ arises from the initiative of “a group of dreamers,” who have believed that “another world is possible” and they want to rebel against “the unnecessary consumption and your adverse consequences in the environment”.What is the service? Start is as easy as give away what you no longer use, ask as I want to with what you need and invite to your friends to join together to share gifts and wishes with them -although you can also interact with other users-. Giving you earn points and karma -reputation in the community – to achieve your desires.When you publish your articles you decide who can know every one of your gifts and desires: your friends, a specific group or the whole community. And, of course, that you upload, post gifts, nothing forces you to give it away to anyone who asked.
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How too many gifts of Kings? Give away what you are not going to use it with the app ‘Gratix’
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January 9, 2020

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