How vectorize an image of the easiest way

How vectorize an image of the simplest way

With this online tool you can vectorize an image in just a few clicks and for free.

Vectorizing an image “hand” can be a complicated job if you’re not an expert or have experience with advanced editing software. However, on the web we can get tools like Vectorizer that will do everything for us.

a vector image is completely different to a bitmap. The first are formed by independent geometric objects (vectors) and the second are formed by pixels. When vectorizamos an image all strokes and fills this so perfectly defined are drawn and can be expanded or reduced to any size without quality is lost.

Convert PNGs, BMPs, and JPEGs to SVG

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Vectorizer supports raster graphics in PNG, BMP and JPEG formats and converts a scalable vector graphics (SVG) . Just upload your file to the site and wait a few seconds for the result. The site then offers you a face-to-face comparison of the image that you went and you get separate vector layers. The results are not always perfect, but accounts with some basic tools to increase and reduce colors and details.

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what makes Vectorizer is to convert the information pixels and colors to simple geometric objects. Detects areas and edges that have similar colors and brightness and then expressed as basic graphics. Lines, curves, polygons, arcs, etc.

Unfortunately the maximum file size you can upload is 1 MB after all is a free tool, we can not ask too much.


How vectorize an image of the easiest way
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May 13, 2016

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